April 21, 2013

Purple Houndstooth

Yes, it's the non-fashion blogger with another outfit post!  I've recently been able to buy some super cute skirts and dresses that I normally couldn't afford, thanks to winning a giveaway and using some coupon codes, and I thought y'all might enjoy seeing how I've styled them.

| o u t f i t |
jean jacket {thrifted}
mint green v-neck tee shirt {Fred Meyer}
heart locket...which you can't really see {gifted}
purple houndstooth print circle skirt {Shabby Apple}
brown flats {thrifted}
nail polish {Essie - St. Lucia Lilac}
: :
When I won the Shabby Apple gift card giveaway hosted by Bramblewood Fashion (thanks again, Ash!), I knew exactly what I wanted to buy.  It's purple, it's just below knee length, it's 50s style...it's perfect.  And I love the high waistband.  I'm definitely seeing this becoming a spring/summer favorite!  And the jean jacket, you'll be seeing a lot of it until it warms up here. *grin*  I almost wore my Essie Mint Candy Apple polish with this outfit, but decided on the lilac instead.  I'm pleased with the results.

Today there was a potluck at church before they had a church business meeting.  I love potluck Sundays - it's such a blessing to spend extra time with my brothers and sisters in the Lord!  Plus, while the business meeting was going on, I got to help keep an eye on my favorite little girls, Annie, Ruth, and Naomi.  They're so, so cute!  We played in the church nursery for a bit (yes, we played - some of those baby toys are fun!), and then Annie sat in my lap while I read to her.  I love reading to kids but I don't have very many opportunities to indulge, so it was a real treat for me. *smile*

I hope you all had a blessed Sunday, too!

Question: How would you style this skirt?  I want to know!


  1. You're sooo adorable! Seriously, if you were any more gorgeous it'd be sick. And that is the most Tasha-est skirt under the sun - you seem to have been designed for each other;)

  2. Aww... :blush: You just made my evening, dear!
    And ditto, because if you were any more gorgeous it'd be positively nauseating. No joke.
    Yep, totally designed for each other;)
    Love you!

  3. Wow! You have WAY too much cute fashion sense to NOT be a fashion blogger. :O Absolutely love the skirt! Wait, I absolutely love the the whole outfit! :D Btw, I am SO jealous of your hair... ;) Just saying. :P Anyway, keep up the good posts!


  4. Ahhhh! So cute! The purple houndstooth print is so pretty. And the fact that it's a circle skirt is awesome, cause that means lots of twirling. ;) hehe!

  5. I love, love, LOVE that skirt. And I love how you styled it. Skirts that, yes, are below knee length and 50s style are positively perfect.

  6. Cute, fun skirt!! The pattern reminds me of the popular chevron design. I love the A-line style and hem length as well. I am wondering if this skirt would take some hot summer colored tops like a magenta , lemon yellow, and lime green for "pop"? That idea seems to be out there on fashion blogs these days with chevron skirts. Coupled with some bright summer flats to carry the idea? Bold colors are fun and chic at the same time, I think. This skirt does seem to be open for lots of interpretation, so have fun! It looks very becoming on you!!!

  7. Belated congratulations on winning the giveaway! What a cute skirt--I'm seeing this with a white or off-white ruffly blouse, or even lavender gingham for an almost-matchy-matchy-but-not-quite look. And solid lavender is always good. ;-)

    The minute I saw this outfit, I thought of Rose's bomber jacket and pink '50s dress (first seen here: http://www.freewebs.com/dragonflydesignsbyalisa/rosetyler.htm) for some reason.

    God bless,
    I'm having a virtual garage sale on my blog from today till May 31st. I'd be honored if y'all would stop by!

  8. Lovely outfit! That circle skirt is adorable...I love the purple houndstooth print! It also looks like it'll be wonderfully versatile as well.

    Ooh, I love potluck days at church as well.(: and it's always fun babysitting! Sounds like you had a lovely day.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  9. oh my word, that's a cute skirt! I'm not a fan of houndstooth, but that style of skirt is adorable! And if it has to be houndstooth, it might as well be purple!

  10. I love the style and print and color of this skirt! Everything about it is completely adorable. :D I received a fabric order last week that included a very similar houndstooth fabric (the pattern is quite a bit smaller and the color a bit lighter, but that's it), and had planned to make it in to a 1950's style doll dress. Now that I've seen a real-life example of that idea, I HAVE to make it. :D

  11. Summer - Thanks:) I'm so glad you enjoy my fashion style...and my hair;)

    Sereina - Aren't circle skirts the best?! I love twirly skirts:)

    Lauren Nicole - Positively perfect.

    Winnie - It reminds me of the chevron skirts, too, and I love the way it looks like gingham from a distance. I think it could definitely take some bright summer colors! I'll have to give that a try.
    Thank you! :)

    Tom - Thanks! Yes, I can totally see this with a feminine ruffle blouse or solid lavender.
    I love Rose's 50s outfit!

    Vicki - I think it will be very versatile. I can't wait to try some of the suggestions in these comments!

    ForGod - Absolutely! Houndstooth and purple seem made for each other.

    Tayler - Oh, how fun! If you'd like, send me a picture of the dolls dress when you've finished it! I'd love to see it!


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