May 2, 2013

Classic Movie May // Favorite Actors

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If you know me at all, then you know I adore classic films and the stars of the silver screen!  Given the chance I could talk for hours about my favorite films, actors, and actresses.  Sometimes, I do. *grin*

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Steve McQueen | Respectful silence, please...the King of Cool is about to come on screen.  That's me every time I watch a Steve McQueen film.  Of all the actors I've seen, he's the one that I completely fell in love with.  I thought he was the greatest thing I'd ever seen, and I still do to a certain extent...I've just grown up a bit since then, and gotten over my movie star crush. *smile*  I love his style of acting, the manly characters he played, and his rugged good looks.  So yes, pretty much everything about him.  During his acting career, he proved he could play any role, though he was very much type-cast.  If you're looking for a good biography to read about him, then I highly recommend Steve McQueen: The Life and Legend of a Hollywood Icon by Marshall Terrill.  Very good read.  Steve's life was certainly not perfect, but he achieved the ultimate victory by accepting Christ towards the end of his life.
My favorite of his films (that I've seen) are The Blob, The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery, Never So Few (some content and language), The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, and of course the TV series Wanted: Dead or Alive.

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Jimmy Stewart | Who doesn't love Jimmy?  He's the tall, good-looking, generous kind of guy that we'd all like to know!  I love the way his eyes reflect his thoughts so you can see what he's thinking.  His eyes and face do much of his acting for him.  Serious or comedy, he could do it all.  And the westerns he made?  If anyone was meant to play a rugged cowboy, it was Jimmy.  My favorites of his films (that I've seen) are Made For Each Other, After the Thin Man, The Shop Around the Corner, Destry Rides Again, You Can't Take It With You, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, It's a Wonderful Life, Call Northside 777, The Stratton Story, Winchester '73, Broken Arrow, Harvey, Bend of the River, The Naked Spur, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, The Spirit of St. Louis, Night Passage, Mr. Hobbes Takes a Vacation, and The Rare Breed.

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Frank Sinatra | There never has been and never will be another Frankie.  I adore him.  How could anyone resist those big, blue eyes?  Not only did he have a simply divine voice, but he could really act, too.  The way he sang as if he really meant every word he was singing was amazing.  No wonder I love listening to him sing love songs. *wink* My favorite of his films (that I've seen) are On the Town, Young at Heart, Suddenly, Guys and Dolls, The Tender Trap, High Society, Never So Few (with Steve McQueen! too much awesome for one film!), A Hole in the Head, and Von Ryan's Express (some content and language).

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Errol Flynn | Best known for his swashbuckling, adventure roles, Errol is quite possibly the most handsome actor ever, at least in my humble opinion.  He was perfection itself as a sword wielding hero.  His comedic timing was perfect too, and it's a shame he didn't star in more comedies.  The films I enjoy most are those he made with Olivia de Havilland, The Adventures of Robin Hood being my all time favorite film in the history of ever.   Those two made a brilliant screen couple, and made eight films together.  My favorite of his films (that I've seen) are Captain Blood, The Charge of the Light Brigade, The Prince and the Pauper, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Four's A Crowd, The Dawn Patrol, Dodge City, The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex, The See Hawk, Santa Fe Trail, and The Died with Their Boots On.

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Fred Astaire | I affectionately refer to Fred as "good ol' light bulb head". *smile* He wasn't dashingly handsome, but you forgot all about that as soon as he started singing and dancing his way into your heart.  He was the perfect, charming gentleman, and his dancing was incomparable.  Especially delightful are the ten films he made with Ginger Rogers.  Those two could really dance!  I just wish I could have seen Fred and his sister Adele dancing together.  From everything I've read, she was even more talented than he was!
I highly recommend his autobiography Steps in Time.  A thoroughly delightful, well written, humorous read.  My favorite of his films (that I've seen) are Roberta, Top Hat, Follow the Fleet, Swing Time, Shall We Dance, Carefree, The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle, Holiday Inn, Easter Parade, The Barkleys of Broadway, Three Little Words, Royal Wedding, The Band Wagon, Daddy Long Legs, Funny Face, and On the Beach (some content and language).

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I really have way too many favorite actors to write a little bit on each of them, so here are a few honorable mentions: Ronald Reagan, Humphrey Bogart, Ronald Coleman, Dean Jones, Roy Rogers, Charlton Heston, Cary Grant, Anthony Perkins, and Paul Newman.

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Question: Who are some of your favorite silver screen actors?  I want to know!


  1. I too am a classic movie buff! :) We have many favorite classic-hollywood actors in common. I actually don't think I've ever seen a Steve McQueen movie, though. I'll definately have to do that now. ;) But I looove Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astair, and Errol Flynn (and yes, I agree, he probably is one of the most handsome actor ever. "The Adventures of Robin Hood" was a movie I watched over and over as a kid, and it's still one of my favorites. One of my favorite things about the movie, besides Errol Flynn's dashing good looks and his chemistry with Olivia, is Olivia's varied wardrobe. I love all her costumes, and how some are hilariously ugly and others breathtakingly gorgeous).

    I love all the actors you mentioned in your honorable mentions, especially Ronald Coleman (one of my FAVORITE ACTORS! Have you seen "A Tale of Two Cities" with him playing Sydney Carton? I loooove it), Humphrey Bogart, Charlton Heston, and Cary Grant (!!!).

    I could go on and on about classic movies... I love them so much... Just for the sake of it, I also have to mention that I love Tyrone Power, Van Johnson, Gene Kelly, James Cagney, James Mason, Laurence Olivier, Douglas Fairbanks Jr, and... okay, I'd better stop now. ;)

    This was a fun read!

  2. Wow, what an impressive compendium of Silver Screen Classics!! So many of the movies and actors you mentioned were some of my favorites as well. I guess my favs include Jimmy Stewart, Fred Astair, Paul Newman and singer Frank Sinatra. OH, how I love to hear the songs of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Tony Bennett!

    Tasha, you are a walking library of knowledge about these old classics. Amazing! You should offer a community Ed class on the Silver Screen Classics. I bet people would love to watch and share thoughts on these decades of favorites. It would be a great class to take and you would have a lot to offer!!

  3. Ah, I'm so glad that Steve McQueen was on the top of your list!! He's my favorite "old time" actor of all time. The Great Escape is and always will be such a favorite of mine. I've only seen a few others that he's been in, but I think I'll go track down a few more! I need some more King of Cool in my repertoire!

    I have to confess to liking Fred Astaire more than Frank Sinatra! A few years ago, that would not have been the case. But in this past year, I have come to like Fred's voice better than Frank, as well as his acting. So sorry, but true. :)

    Love this list! :)

  4. OH and by the way...I love the new banner photo and I WANT YOUR SHIRT. :)

  5. Thanks so much for joining in the blog party, Natasha!

    I'm ashamed to admit that I don't think I've ever seen a Steve McQueen film! I've heard a lot about him, though, so I must remedy this as soon as possible. :)

    I love Sinatra and Fred Astaire, too. And I agree totally with you when you said that Jimmy Stewart was the perfect rugged cowboy. :) I'm not a big fan of westerns, but it always makes me smile to see the difference between Stewart's roles in the 50s and 60s. As he got older, he just looked so uncomfortable in suit and tie type roles...and he looked so at ease as a dusty cowboy! :)


  6. Great picks! They are some of my favorites, as well! I love Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, Ronald Reagan, Gregory Peck and I could go on the rest of the day hehe :) Classic movies are the best:)

  7. THE BLOB!!!!!! Yes....I seriously squealed when you said that. Why? It's so cheesy and just HAVE to love it! :D I love Jimmy Stewart! He's one of my favorites. :)

    MY new favorite actor {tied with Jimmy Stewart} is Leslie Howard. My sister and I have been watching some of his lesser-known-movies {so basically anything other than Gone with the Wind} and we can't believe how awesome he acted. :)

    OOh, Suddenly! I recently saw that one for the first time and couldn't believe how good Frank Sinatra acted in it.

    Love your post! And all your posts. :)

    See ya!

  8. What a fun post! I love all of these actors (especially Jimmy Stewart). My movie watching experience isn't quite as extensive as yours though, so I'll keep track of your favorites for future reference. :D Also, just thought I'd let you know that my little sibs are really enjoying Wanted: Dead or Alive because I bought it after reading your recommendation a while back. I'm looking forward to seeing it sometime too, I just haven't had the time. :D

  9. You included just about every single one of my favorite classic actors in this list! And the ones that you didn't get ended up on your honorable mentions list.(: another one of my favorites is Gary Cooper, ooh, and then Gene Kelly and Van Johnson (and I'm sure, if I really thought about it...I would add at least a dozen more to the list, hehe).

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  10. GreenMedallion - Yes, you need to see a Steve McQueen film ASAP!!! :D
    The Adventures of Robin Hood is also a childhood favorite of mine. I can't even remember the first time I watched it - I've just always loved it. I remember hiding behind the couch because the sword fights were too scary. lol! Olivia's wardrobe is so fantastic! I love them all, too, even the ugly ones;)

    YES! Ronald Coleman as Sydney Carton?! The BEST!! I love his accent so much.

    Ditto that;) Yes, I really enjoy watching Tyrone Power films, and Van Johnson is another favorite of mine. I really can't think of a classic actor I don't like, really...just some more than others. *grin*

    I'm so glad you enjoyed reading this! Thanks for the awesome comment:D

    Winnie - *grin* Well, I don't know that I'm knowledgable enough to teach a class, but it makes me happy that you think I could. :)

    Kellie - The Great Escape is such a good film! Steve is extra cool in that one;)

    I'm so glad you like my new banner! I love my shirt - I got it on Amazon. It's good quality and fits well.

    Kristin - And thank you for hosting! This is so much fun!!

    Yes, you need to watch a Steve McQueen film! The Great Escape is a really good one to start with:)

    Jimmy does look completely comfortable and at ease as a cowboy. And he looks great on a horse;D

    Rebecca LeAnne Rigsby - Classic movies are definitely the best! It doesn't get any better than the actors of the silver screen. :)

    Anna - Haha! Exactly! You love The Blob because it's cheesy and lame...and because it's has Steve McQueen. ;D

    Leslie Howard is very good. Have you seen him in The Scarlet Pimpernel? One of my favorite classics!

    Ooh, I know! Suddenly was soooo good! Especially Frankie!!

    I'm glad you like all of my posts. That makes me happy:)

    Tayler - I hope you enjoy my favorite classics as much as I do:) If there's ever one you want me to review in a Saturday Matinee, let me know!

    " little sibs are really enjoying Wanted: Dead or Alive because I bought it after reading your recommendation..." That just completely made my day! I'm so glad they're enjoying that show. It's definitely one of my favorites:)

    Vicki - Ah! I totally forgot to add Gary Cooper to my list of honorable mentions!! He's so much fun to watch. Yes, I had a really hard time narrowing my honorable mentions list down. ;D


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