April 12, 2013

On the Farm | Spring

It's {spring}, people!!
I though y'all might want to see what's going on around here besides lambing.
No new lambs yet, by the way.  Sometimes, my ewes like to fake me out and keep me waiting. *sigh*

tulip bulbs

curious Dewey

getting to use the water hose again...and the water is back on at the sheep pens!  yes!!

shedding Freckles - there's white horse hair everywhere this time of year.

dusty horseshoes

horses who don't want their picture taken

The 10th was my Bobby Boy's 21st birthday!  Happy Birthday, Bob!  I've been blessed to have him since he was 11...goodness, I can't believe it's been 10 years!

spring seeding the pastures...the Bonnie dog was supervising.

waiting for this girl to lamb

floral wellies

Happy Trails, y'all!

Question: what's the first thing you want to do every spring?  I want to know!


  1. Absolutely beautiful photos Natasha! The horses are biological miracles...and Bonnie is too!

    I belong to a local bird group that erects nest boxes in various locations to assist the breeding of Western Bluebirds. What I like to do when Spring arrives is to go to different locations to see nesting activity and to assess potential Bluebird progeny for the season. I've been doing that recently and will be doing it this weekend, too. It's a true joy.


  2. The first thing? I guess - just walk the streets and enjoy the spring air!
    And rush out with my camera and take a photo of the first flowers.

    I enjoyed your photos. Floral wellies must be fun!

  3. Oh Tasha, how delightful to see the signs of Spring on your beautiful farm!! I must say, Bonnie seems to be doing quite well with only one eye now. Such a good girl !! And Bob turned 21? He is the handsome boy for all of those years. My Kelley's horse, Bertie, turns 28 this year and still doing great! No doubt you are happy to see the snow gone and the tulips bursting forth again for that means another glorious summer to enjoy!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Question:What is the first thing I want to do every Spring? A: OPEN the windows and wear my pastel clothing!

  4. Beautiful photos, Tasha! I especially like that one of the horseshoes...the lighting is amazing, and it has a neat, rusty aesthetic. And your floral wellies are darling!

    The first thing I like to do when spring has really *officially* started is throw open my windows and enjoy long walks outside (without a jacket!). :) unfortunately, with Seattle weather in the 50s, I still don't feel like it's quite spring yet, but it's coming!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. Oh, I am in love with your wellies!!! And all of your animals are adorable!!!

    Hmmm...My first favorite thing to do in spring...This is going to sound rather boring, but I like to work hard on school because I know summer is just around the corner (I am graduating from HS this year, so my efforts are MAGNIFIED. So exciting!!!)

    Happy Saturday!

    --Whimsey :D

  6. You're part of Idaho looks VERY similar to where I live in Colorado! That last pic could easily have been taken just a few miles from our house. We must be a little behind you in the spring department, since the mountains are still pretty snow-covered and I've been searching in vain for any type of green in my gardens. It's on the way though. :D

    My most anticipated spring "activity" is sitting out on our deck in the sun (without a jacket!) and reading a book. I'm excited!

  7. The first thing I want to do in spring is plant heirloom seeds, and cuddle baby goats.

  8. Will - They are, indeed! The Lord's creation is amazing:)
    Birding sounds like a very pleasant and restful way to spend the weekend. Bluebirds are so beautiful:)

    Hana-Marmota - Spring and cameras seem to go together:)

    Winnie - From what Kellie tells me, you'll be seeing my farm in person soon! I can't wait for July, so I can finally meet you in person!!! :D

    Vicki - I really love that photo, too! Thank you:)
    Yeah, it's been a rather cold spring here, too.

    Whimsey - Maybe a bit boring, but very intelligent! *grin*

    Tayler - How interesting! I've only been to Colorado a few times, but what I have seen was beautiful! Actually, we just got some snow today, and there's still snow on the taller mountains. But mostly, it's spring. ;)
    YES!! I love reading outdoors, too!

    Kimberly - Definitely the perfect springtime activities. :)


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