April 1, 2013

It's awesome.

It's awesome...sitting on the front porch in the sun with a kitty on my lap.  There's still some snow on the ground, but the afternoon sun on our porch feels heavenly.

It's awesome...when you're dad comes back from the feed store with not only the bags of feed he was supposed to get, but a container of apple flavored horse treats.  I have no idea why he decided to get those. He's cute. :)

It's awesome...seeing Megan Follows (aka the Anne of Green Gables) as a guest star in Season 3 of Heartland!!  *squeak*  Actually, that was kind of weird - Anne is Ty's mom?!  But hey, things were already weird, so why not add another suitcase of weird while we're at it!

It's awesome...waking up from a nap and rolling over just in time to see my dog, who was curled up next to me with her face buried in my hair, breath in deeply and let out a huge contented sigh.  Not sure if that was because she was smelling my hair or because she was deep in her doggy dreams, but it was cute either way. ;)

It's awesome...introducing my bro to Robin Hood (BBC) while he was sick this week.  Me: How do you like it so far?  Him: Great!  I really like it!  Coming from him, that's high praise, indeed.

It's awesome...walking along the beach at Farragut State Park.  It was a bit breezy, but it felt so good to be at the lake again!

It's awesome...watching Wait Until Dark by yourself, with all of the lights out. *chills* I can't even watch the last climatic scene all the way through, it's just too creepy!  Possibly even creepier than the shower scene in Psycho...nah, they're both equally creepy in their own ways.  Yes, I do occasionally enjoy being scared out of my mind by a fantastic thriller. ;)

It's awesome...going to church on Easter Sunday.  There's no other Sunday that's quite so special and meaningful.  Because He lives, my faith is not in vain.


  1. Hi Natasha:

    I can remember the first time I saw "Wait Until Dark," when it was first released at the theaters in 1967. When Roat lunged at Susy I think I swallowed my ever-being-chewed gum! That is a very suspenseful movie. And it still is to this day. It's almost as cringing at times as when the T. Rex first roars in Jurassic Park.
    When that happened I involuntarity
    tensed into a sitting fetal position! I probably did the same during that lunge scene in WUD.

    (I love your "awesome experiences" this week.)

    Take care, Will

  2. It IS awesome to see Spring wash over the landscape and dream once again of the joy and richness of being outdoors once again!! Happy Easter Week!!

  3. Haha, the one of waking up with your dog sleeping beside you has got to be my favorite "It's Awesome".

    Oh, how are the Heartland movies series? I read a lot of the books and liked them pretty well, but haven't watched the series. What do you say Tasha, worth watching or not? That would be really strange to see "Anne" (Megan Follows will always be Anne to me:) as Ty's mother!

    Have an awesome day!


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