February 20, 2013


Due to my life being incredibly full and busy right now, I didn't really watch anything besides Season 5 of Star Trek: Voyager (which I am LOVING!) last week, thus there was really nothing to share for Saturday Matinee.  There should be one this week though, so keep your eyes open!

Last week the Bonnie dog had to have eye surgery.  She is now the Nick Furry...er, Fury, of the dog world.
Yep, she's just got one eye now.  But she's cool with it, and so am I...sorta.  I'll admit that I was extremely upset when I realized her eye was not getting any better, and that the only option was to have it removed.  Extremely upset is really a bit of an understatement, to be completely honest.  My poor, patient brother can confirm that the day of the surgery I closeted myself in my room all day, and when Bonnie came home I spent the evening {trying} not to freak out.  Yeah...that didn't work so well, the trying not to freak out part...especially when there was a bit of blood seepage, which was completely normal, but it scared me just the same.  And sorry if that was TMI.  But we got through that, and I'm happy to say that Bonnie is doing very well.  And it really does not seem to bother her having just one eye.  The "cone of shame", now that's a different story. ;)

On February 13th, my baby brother turned 21.
Ouch.  That wasn't supposed to happen!  Happy Birthday, Alex!
And then three days later, my bestie also turned 21.
Happy Birthday, Kellie!

We met up with Kellie and Aubrey in Sandpoint and proceeded to have a simply splendid afternoon.  It included delicious food, "wicked" snacks, and watching The Princess Bride.  Friends, films, food - a more delightful way to spend an afternoon could not be found. 

Our "naughty" snack table...and Aubrey's foot. ;)
Here's a short film my brother just completed.  I think it's pretty awesome...

And the accent he used?  Totally awesome!  If for no other reason, like it for the accent...or the supremely cool score he wrote and recorded!  My brother...well, he's the best. ;)

Make sure to check out the HUGE giveaway going on at Accordion to Kellie during the Literary Heroine Blog Party!  It is without a doubt the giveaway and event of the year.  Just sayin'...

I'm totally looking forward to Bramblewood Fashion's... 

Judging from how life has been lately, I don't know if I'll have time to participate, but whether I do or not it's going to be a fun blog fashion event!
And I think that's enough randomness for one day.  Have a lovely week, y'all!

I just finished responding to all of the comments from this past month.  If you asked me a question, it's been answered now. :)


  1. Poor Bonny : (
    Well the good thing about animals is that they adjust to change, and heal much faster and easier than people do.
    Maybe you can make her a really cute eye patch : )


  2. awwwh! Your poor puppy. :( I'm super glad she's doin' ok. ^_^ <3
    Snacks, Princess Bride, and friends?? That sounds like the best of times. :)

  3. Poor Bonnie Girl!! It is really amazing how animals so readily adapt to circumstances that throw humans for a loop. They are such troopers! The birthday celebration photo is great. Turning 21 is indeed a milestone deserving of fun!!

  4. Aww, your poor dog! Losing an eye is bad enough, but the cone of shame has got to be awful. I hope she heals well!

    And what better way to spend a day than watching The Princess Bride?

    Your brother made that film? Kellie had shared it on Twitter and I thought it was absolutely brilliant. The accent and the entire concept. Very cool.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  5. I'm really sorry about Bonnie! I tend to feel worse about someone else's pain than they seem to, so I can relate. I'm glad that she's doing well now. :-)

    Twenty one is a biggie. Your guys' little party sounds like it was the perfect way to celebrate (especially since The Princess Bride was involved... love that movie!).

    Your brother's film is awesome! That was a really creative way to approach the subject of gun control and make a few great objections to the silly thinking about it that seems to be everywhere these days. :-) I'll have to show it to the rest of my family!


  6. Awe, I hope your dog continues to do well. Dogs are just the best and it's no fun at all when they're sick. And no dog likes the cone of shame! :)

    That Birthday party sounded pretty much perfect. <3 I love those sorts of days.


  7. Aww, poor Bonnie! I would have had a hard time handling that as well. Glad she's doing well, though. :)

    Sounds like a fun way to celebrate! I've only scene The Princess Bride once, so I really need to see it again.

    Your brother did a wonderful job on the video! A very creative clever way to get the point across.

  8. Here's another great big "Awww" for the poor Bonnie-dog. And air-hugs to you--what a traumatic experience for you both! Prayers!

    That video is a hoot. The videography and animation are very professional...and your brother wrote the score, too? Wow, is there anything he can't do? Coolness.

    BTW, your coat reminds me of Romana II's from the Classic Who. Just add a wide-brimmed hat and a long white scarf, and voila!

    God bless,

  9. I'm so sorry to hear about your pup! Hope she is recovering/coping well.

    Just also wanted to say: I just found your blog (followed a link to a link and well you know how that goes!) but so much of it screamed kindred spirit I couldn't *not* leave a comment! Haha! Look forward to getting to "know" you better. /notinastalkeryway

    Rachel xx

  10. Speedy recovery to your dog! And you...

    And I must say, I love what you're all wearing in that photo. With your leave, I'll steal it for my Outfit Inspiration pinboard. :-)

  11. Thank you all for your sweet words and sympathy for Bonnie. She got her stitches out the other day and the vet said everything has healed beautifully. Just need to be careful of her other eye - she doesn't have a spare anymore! ;)

    Vicki - Yes, my brother did make that film! I'm so glad you enjoyed it:)

    Tayler - I hope your family enjoys the film!

    Sereina - My brother appreciates my readers interest in his films so much. I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

    Tom - Here's an air-hug back to you. ;) Thanks for the prayers.
    Nope, there isn't anything my bro can't do. *grin*
    Awesomeness!! My coat is like something from DW!! ;D

    Rachel - Welcome to Day by Day! I'm so glad you dropped in and said hello:) I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, too!

    Hana-Marmota - You are more than welcome to "steal" the photo for your pinboard! :)


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