February 5, 2013

It's awesome.

It's awesome...when your dad buys your mom flowers.

It's awesome...that he always plops them haphazardly into a vase.

It's awesome...because he knows I'll come along and arrange them properly for him.

It's awesome...learning more about your Great Great Grandmother Lucy on your mom's side.  She lived on a ranch in California in the early 1900s and was apparently a bit of a pioneer as she wore pants when working on the ranch and even had a drivers license, neither of which were typical for women in those days.

It's awesome...that that ranch in California is still owned by the family (my mom, her siblings, and their cousins all own shares), although it's not a working ranch anymore.  Sadly, it's quite rundown.  Last time I was there (which had to be about 10 years ago) the ranch house was in complete disrepair and inhabited only by mice and bats.  Perhaps needless to say, we camped in an RV and a tent. ;)

It's awesome...going through the book It's {Not That} Complicated by Anna Sophia & Elizabeth Botkin with a group of girls at church.  Since I'm older, a lot of the topics and ideas are ones I'm already familiar with, but I'm really being blessed through our study.  It's great getting to share thoughts with the girls!

It's awesome...getting two new (to me) colors of Essie nail polish in the mail.  I decided to try Mint Candy Apple (a beautiful minty color with just a hint of blue) and St. Lucia Lilac (a lovely pale lilac).  I'm wearing the lilac right now and I love it! Sometimes, you just need a little something to boost your spirits during the months right before spring. :)

It's awesome...watching one of the latest episodes of LBD.  Darcy in an afro wig?!  Ahahahahaha!!  LOVE!!!

It's awesome...coming home from a thrifting expedition with some super cute "new" clothes.  I love thrifting with friends!

It's awesome...buying the first two records for my vintage record collection.  Eeep!!!  I found a Frank Sinatra record and a Pat Boone record at the antique store the other day for about $5 each.  So, so excited!  I can't wait to listen to them!  And who knows when that will be since I don't own a turntable.

It's awesome...finally deciding to sign up for Netflix and take advantage of their month long free trial. Wish I could have it all the time!  Maybe someday when I actually have a "real" job. ;)

It's awesome...turning in my job application at the florist shop.  And now...we wait.

It's awesome...enjoying each day the Lord gives me.  I may not always be as joyful as I should be, but He has blessed me beyond what I deserve.  I thank Him for each day He gives me and for each person He has put in my life.

It's awesome...when your church puts such emphasis on unity within the body of Christ.  It really feels and functions like a family.  Everyone really and truly cares about everyone else.   And our potlucks are the best ever.  Just sayin'.

Question: What are some of the awesome things in your life?  I want to know!

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  1. Essie polish is by the far the best! I tried OPI for awhile, but it didn't go on nearly as smooth as Essie, plus Essie dries faster! I'm hoping to invest in Raspberry Red and a minty/acqua-ish one. Have a lovely day!

  2. That's neat about your Great Great Grandmother.

    Those nail polishes sound lovely! I like all the names they com up with to name them.

    Let's see, a few awesome things for me:
    -Having my first photo session as an official business last Saturday. Super exciting!

    -Getting season 2 of Monk from the library today. Can't wait to watch it tonight.

    -Eating homemade fried chicken. My dad made hot wings for the Super Bowl, but they were too spicy for some of us, so he left some plain. And they were delicious!

  3. LOVED your list. Keep me posted on the job!!!

    HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST COUPLE OF EPISODES OF LBD?! The whole Wickham scandal's finally come out and they're handling it AWESOME. Loving it!!!

    I haven't tried Netflix even though I *know* I should...a friend gave me her password so I could use her account :).

  4. I bought a Crosley (the kind in a leather case) record player at a thrift store for $15. I was so excited. But it didn't come with a power cord. When I got it home, and found the right cord for it, it turned out it was broken. I took it apart and fixed it myself! I was soooo happy I was jumping up and down. Call me crazy, my parents did. But it was awesome!

    It's also awesome receiving 2 books in the mail from Stephanie.

    Last but not least. It's awesome watching the last goat for sale go to it's new home. Knowing it's over and done with, till Kidding season starts over again.

    Thats just a little bit of my world.


  5. As for what awesome things God has done in my life...I'm working on a couple posts about that. *Grin*

    QUOTE: "It's awesome...coming home
    from a thrifting expedition with some super cute "new" clothes. I love thrifting with friends!"

    You did find some cute things, m'dear! That was such a fun day--and near-perfect weather, too!
    You do realize we're all dying to see how you style your new frocks, aye? ;-)

    God bless,

  6. It's incredibly awesome that your dad still buys flowers for your mom. Love it! A true gentleman. :) And Darcy in an afro wig is very awesome. :D I am loving so much about the series. As for me?

    It's awesome to expect a signed copy of a new book by an author I love! Yay!

    It's awesome to finish a great story and still be thinking about it hours later. I love to read!

    It's awesome that a wonderful man went to be with the Lord yesterday. No more pain and no more cancer! Plus he got time to plan for his family's future without him and to say goodbye. Also what an inspiration he was to all those around him! God is good.

    It's awesome to have a job and work with people I enjoy being around. So thankful for that!

    There are many more awesome's, but it's late and I must stop somewhere. :)

  7. Passing exams (a C in Corpus linguistics? Good! I didn't even do some of the tests during the term, because of illnesses, so that's really good.)

    What's less awesome is that the book on Truman that I need for another subject and that my father ordered back in mid-January and was supposed to arrive by Friday has not arrived yet... But the fact that you can actually order a book you need in the Czech Republic from Canada is awesome.

    A sister who reads through my essay, corrects my mistakes and tells me it's a good one is awesome.

    Josh Garrels' music. Awesome, and more.

  8. It is awesome when you take a risk, reach forward in you life, and you get HUGS in return!! Your GGGM Lucy would have been an inspiration to know. It encourages me when I learn how someone from my family history exhibited great strength of character in the face of many hardships.

  9. Loved your "awesome" list! One awesome thing in life for me these days: healthy and expecting goats! When do your sheepies have their lambs?

    Also, I tagged you on my blog! http://www.formidablecourage.com/2013/02/06/shine-on-award-tag/

  10. Kellie - I love how fast Essie dries, and it doesn't start chipping as quickly either. Great stuff! Ooh, Raspberry Red sounds delicious! :)

    Sereina - I love the nail polish names, too. So much fun:)

    Congrats on your first official business photo session!! How exciting!
    I need to watch Monk. I really do.
    Yummy - fried chicken sounds so good.

    Ally - Will do! :)

    OH MY WORD. I am LOVING the how they're handling the Wickham scandal. And I LOVE how sympathetically they're portraying Lydia. Totally loving it!!!

    Now there's a real friend! :)

    Kimberly - That's awesome that you found a record player at the thrift sore and fixed it yourself! Definitely not crazy;)

    I love that feeling, when all my lambs are gone and I can relax...until it starts all over again. But I love it;)

    Tom - Can't wait to see your posts! :D

    It was an extremely fun day! Totally doing that again:)
    Hmm, well, I think I can manage a few outfits posts sometime soon. *grin*

    Kara - I love reading, too! I'm definitely one of those who "lives" in the book even after I'm done reading it.
    God is indeed good! What a wonderful example!
    Hooray for awesome jobs! =)

    Hana-Marmota - Congrats on passing your exams! That's exciting!
    Siblings who proof read are definitely awesome. My bro reads almost every post I write before I share it. He's wonderful:)
    Hmm, I don't believe I've heard of Josh Garrel...will have to look him up.

    Winnie - That is one of the most awesome things ever!! =)

    Maribeth - That's very awesome. I'm so thankful for my healthy sheepies. They should be lambing sometime at the beginning of April. Can't wait! :D
    Thanks for the tag!

  11. It's awesome...

    To receive lovely feedback from Etsy customers. Hearing that an unbiased someone actually likes my stuff pretty much makes my day.

    Getting packages of scrumptious old books in the mail.

    Seeing my little sisters and brother get excited about Egyptian history and make an amazing cake decorated with a map of said country (you gotta love homeschooling!). :-)

    Btw, thanks for following me on Pinterest! I'm not actively seeking out followers or anything (it's just such a great way to organize recipes and pictures and stuff!), but it did feel rather lonely since I haven't come across anyone that I know in "real life" who has an account. :-)

    I'm going to second Hana-Marmota on her recommendation of Josh Garrels. He is awesome!

  12. sitting on the couch with a glass of orange juice watching the musical CATS (we have it on DVD)
    have you ever seen it?
    god bless

  13. I love these posts. They give me the warm fuzzies. <3

  14. Tayler - Positive feedback from Etsy customers is truly awesome!

    Olivia - I have not seen that musical. I'll have to check it out:)

    Amy - That makes me happy:)


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