February 2, 2013

Saturday Matinee | no. 2

Not Rated
Yours, Mine, and Ours {1968} | So many of you recommended the original version of this film that I could hardly wait for it to come in at the library!  And I was not disappointed.  Starring two of my favorite silver screen stars, Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball, this film was utterly charming from beginning to end.  Differing slightly in plot from the version I reviewed last week, they're both excellent films in their own way with a focus on the importance of love and family.  Don't ask me which one I liked better, because I honestly couldn't tell you. ;)

PG-13 {for brief strong language}
Kate & Leopold | Pulled through time from 1876, Leopold, Duke of Albany, finds himself in present day New York City.  Walking the dog, burning his toast, and auditioning for a margarine commercial, Leopold is quickly learning to adapt to the modern lifestyle.  And he might just be falling in love while he's at it.  But he can't stay.  He must go back to his own time.
A charming romp through time and love, this film was a delight from the moment it began.  Hugh Jackman was fantastic in this role!  What a voice. *melt*  I wasn't so thrilled with Meg Ryan's character.  She seemed to lack depth, in my opinion...and who told her to cut and style her hair like that?!  But all in all, I loved this film.

R {for some language}
The King's Speech | Bertie has had a stammer since he was 5-years-old.   Speech therapist after speech therapist, all with no results.  Oh, and did I mention Bertie is really Prince Albert, Duke of York?  Yes, second in line to the throne.  The Duke has given up on ever being cured, but his wife isn't ready to give up yet.  Enter Lionel Logue, determined to help the Duke whether he wants to be helped or not.
And then the king dies, and Bertie's brother takes the throne.  But when David abdicates, Bertie becomes king.  A king with a stammer.  A king, who must learn to speak.
Ratings are relative.  And this film deserves a review.  If you're as fascinated by British history as I am (ahem, and adore Colin Firth's accent as much as I do), you will love this film.  Aside from one scene which includes strong language, this film is totally clean, although it does contain what I would term mature themes.  And you'll definitely know when the objectionable language scene is coming, so it's very easy to skip. 

Have a lovely weekend, dears!

Question: what films did you watch this week?  I want to know!

I would like to point out that at 23 I'm an adult and make my own choices on the movies I watch.  All families have different standards for the movies they watch, so please take the time to look these films up for yourselves.  If there's one thing I do not want to be, it's a stumbling block for my younger readers.  The parent advisory section on IMDB has excellent information on most films.
Thanks. :)


  1. I <3 all three of those movies!

    Yours, Mine and Ours has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl. It's so so funny!

    Kate and Leopold is such a fantastic romantic comedy and I love Hugh Jackman!

    The King's Speech is one of the most extraordinary films about the Royal Family I have ever seen. I can't watch it without crying! My mom and I stayed up till after midnight watching the Oscars to see if it won Best Picture.


  2. LOL!!!!! I just got Kate and Leopold this week from the library...planning on watching it tonight. Gotta laugh! After seeing him in Les Miserables I've been on a biiiiit of a Hugh Jackman binge and wanted to see this. :)

    YAYYYYY you saw The King's Speech!!!!! Love that sooo much.

    I just watched The Nanny Diaries yesterday...Black Widow and Captain America in love is pretty interesting. :D It was actually a really cute film minus a bit of content.

    And I just showed my mom Just Like Heaven last night...she loved it. :)

    What else...oh, love your p.s. at the end. It IS a bit difficult at times recommending film I absolutely love...that I would have never watched at sixteen. :D Awkward, but yeah. I need to copy that onto my reviews. ;)

  3. That first one sounds really great. I'll have to look into it! Last week I watched The Adventures of Merlin (BBC), some Horatio Hornblower (A&E), and Ice Age 1&2.

  4. I like Yours, Mine and Ours... and Kate and Leopold. Haven't seen The King's Speech. I'll have to look for it.

    We watched a cute family movie last night: I <3 ...oh, what was the dog's name? Sparky? Spanky? Shakey! That's it: I "heart" Shakey. It was over-dramatized for laughs, but pretty cute.

    Umm... what else? I don't know if we watched any other movies this week. Just episodes of TV shows, I guess.

  5. Ivy - I can't believe I haven't seen Yours, Mine, and Ours until now. Such a classic.
    And yes, Hugh Jackman...*sigh*

    Ally - I may or may not be about to go on a Hugh Jackman binge myself. ;D
    The Nanny Diaries!!! Totally loved that movie! I saw it before I saw The Avengers, but looking back I'm like, "Um, Black Widow and Cap?!?!" lol! I laughed so hard (especially when she discovered the bear cam;)...and it actually had a pretty good message that some mom's really need to hear.
    Feel free to use my P.S. if you want...or your own version. ;)

    Eowyn - It is super cute!
    LOVE Merlin!! And Ice Age never gets old. ;)

    Mrs. Cook - You would probably really enjoy The King's Speech.
    I'll have to check that film out - I always love a cute family film. :)

  6. I thought the Kings Speech was one of the best films ever! There is something so compelling to me when the story line is true and the actors bring such craft to the telling of what was a reality to everyone decades ago.

    What did I watch this week? Pride and Prejudice! Can you ever get enough of this movie?? Every time I watch it , I notice something else wonderful about the story line. And who doesn't like to imagine falling in love with Mr. Darcy? NO matter what your age! ahem!

    Thanks Tasha for this movie series. It is quite fun and perfect for winter agendas!

  7. We've spent the weekend watching Merlin and Captain America.
    I want to see the King's Speech. I believe they have a family version without language? Oh my, I just remembered that we have a tv guardian. Never mind ;D
    xx Riley

  8. I love those movies so much! I haven't seen Kate & Leopold in a while though. Maybe it's time for a re-watch. :-) The King's Speech was so good (and, in my opinion, quite undeserving of such a harsh rating)! Among all of its manifold awesomeness, it was great to see Darcy and Lizzy in the same film again.

    Last night I brought my sister with met to a late-night babysitting job and we ended up watching Leap Year. Such a cute movie! I've seen it before, but this time I was especially reminded of Amy Adams' overall adorableness and the great pleasure that a handsome man with an Irish accent and pair of beautiful eyes can bestow. :-)

    Other than that, I think that my screen time was limited to a few episodes of Jeeves and Wooster. If you haven't seen it, I'd definitely recommend trying it out. Hugh Laurie is hilarious. :-)


  9. Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I saw an amazing animated short film this week on YouTube. It's called "Paperman" and it's beautiful... and completely romantic and vintage-feeling and magical!


  10. I like the old "Yours mine and Ours." I thought it was very cute :)
    KATE AND LEOPOLD! <3 that movie So Much!!! That is a movie that never gets old :)

    We watched "The Asylum of the Daleks" From S7 of DW. I surprised myself by really liking Oswin. she will be a good companion, though I don't understand how she is now "Clara" She Just won't be the Ponds *Sigh-sniffle* I hate losing companions. But when Oswin said "I'm not Dalek I am Human!" I felt really sad for her. Poor girl :'( and when Amy and Rory had that talk and Amy's like "I GAVE YOU UP!" *sob* so sad. I hate that Amt can't have babies! Poor Ponds! Rory was so sweet there :') Then you see the Doctor fix his bow tie and I remembered what Amy said "You can't fix this like you fix your bow tie." DANG I love Doctor Eleven. LOVE!! When he regenerates I will cry :'( I'll cry when the Ponds go too. How am I ever going to live through "Angels Take Manhattan"?

    Where are you with "Merlin"?

    OK fan-rave is over. Hope I didn't bore you!

    God Bless

  11. I watched anne of green gables I love it it stay's pretty true to the book
    god bless

  12. Hey Tasha! I liked The Kings Speech a lot. It was similar to Amazing Grace which I like better though. I recently watched Batman Begins and The Black Knight. Love them! Can't wait to see The Dark Knight Rises. Batman is awesome. Also Inception, which is totally epic and The Titanic which was not my most favorite film ever as there was some not good content, but I fell in love with Jack. And of course he has to die, sigh :).

  13. Kate and Leopold is the only one I've seen... and definitely want to see the others. K & L is not nearly as good as You've Got Mail, but then, I have yet to see a romantic comedy that is.
    Leopold is, however, quite the romantic hero, more so that Joe Fox. ;-) (Though I think the lack of romantic hero-ic-ness is actually just another great thing about You've Got Mail.)

    Still on Star Trek TOS myself, and also rewatched some Doctor Who, and watched some Classics - Destiny of the Daleks, which my sister (not a Whovian, so far at least) actually saw first and pronounced excellent - I agree with her.
    (She's afraid of the scary things on new Who, but I think the Classics just might be exactly her cup of tea.)
    Oh, and I also watched The Murdoch Effect on YouTube - are you familiar with Murdoch Mysteries? One of our favourite series now.

  14. P.S. Ditto about films I love now I would not have loved earlier. Gran Torino's got A LOT of bad language and has mature content/bad scenes, but it's a film that absolutely blew my mind every time I saw it, and made me cry and think and, well, I first saw it with a Christian youth group and it blew all our minds, and that forever makes it one very special film. :-)

    I got reminded of another one of my favourite films I have not seen in a long time: Akira Kurosawa's Red Beard. Highly, highly, highly recommended. It's tough stuff (emotionally, and in being a black-and-white subtitled film in a non-indoeuropean language from a foreign culture and all that), but it's absolutely, absolutely fantastic, with a lot of heart and a wonderful morality and life wisdom you'd really wish to see more of in films. It's long, and I first saw it at school in the film club (which was voluntary, just for people interested in the films in question) on two consecutive afternoons; I remember the second afternoon, we had sports, and me and a few other girls from my class who had been there the day before seriously wheedled a permission to go see the rest from our sports teacher... the alternative was simply unthinkable. :D It's also the kind of film that stays with you for years to come: though I have not seen it in years, I still recall some scenes very vividly.

    End of the essay; I just really needed to impress the importance of seeing Red Beard on you. ;-)

  15. Winnie - I agree! I've always enjoyed a good biopic. The acting was excellent!
    Hehe. Mr. Darcy can be quite hard to resist at times. ;D
    You're welcome!

    Riley - One of my favorite shows and movies! Merlin is such an enjoyable show - I laugh so hard. And Captain America is just pure awesomeness. :)
    Let me know what you think of The King's Speech!

    Tayler - Agreed. I don't think The King's Speech deserved an R rating. I completely forgot to mention that! I LOVED seeing Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in the same scene. I may have cried. ;)
    I've seen Leap Year, and yes, it was totally adorable. Love Amy Adams! She's too cute.
    I have not seen Jeeves and Wooster yet. Definitely on my "watch" list. :)
    I just saw Paperman today!! Oh my word. I got tears in my eyes. So beautiful and well done.

    Bella - Nope, Kate & Leopold doesn't get old. I've watched it 3 times this week. LOVE.
    I haven't seen any of S7 of DW yet. :'( Can't wait!! I'm totally going to miss the Ponds. Actually, I already miss them, and I haven't even lost them yet!
    I'm just about to start S4 of Merlin. Waiting for it to come in at the library.
    Nope, not bored. ;)

    Anonymous - Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite movies! And books, too. It is very true to the book. Love it. :)

    Michelle - Hey, girl! Nice to "see" you! Batman Begins is awesome. Love Christian Bale.
    I haven't seen Inception or Titanic. Maybe someday... :)

    Hana-Marmota - You've Got Mail is hard to beat! Tom Hanks is definitely not as romantic as Hugh Jackman, but he's so cute in his own way. And when I say cute, I mean character-wise.
    I've watched a few episodes of Classic Who, and I loved it.
    No, I'm not familiar with the Murdoch Mysteries...but I do love a good mystery!
    Sounds like I will just have to see Read Beard someday! :D

  16. Years later, I must thank you very much for bringing Yours, Mine and Ours to my attention. I've only seen the older version, and I love it so much I'm afraid of trying the new one... It's a tasteful whirlwind of hilarity and I still wonder how they pulled that off.

    Also, since my previous comments, I have: seen The King's Speech the film, read The King's Speech the play, and seen The King's Speech the play. I rather prefer the play over the film, not because the film wouldn't be that good, but because the play is even better. It gets a chance to expand on some of the scenes, it's leaning more towards comedy (there's a number of lines and moments in the film that are clearly intended for comedic effect in the play and don't quite come across in the film), and also the play doesn't have to stick firmly to "reality", which enhances the impact of some of the scenes.
    Although it doesn't have the penguin story (it doesn't feature the young princesses), so that's a definite plus on the film's side. ;-)


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