February 24, 2013

gently falling snow...

...covers the ground as I walk down our driveway.

the Bonnie dog thinks freshly fallen snow tastes good...

...she's right.

it's also fun to run in!

this is her "no eye" side - doesn't look so bad, especially once the hair grows back.

my extremely dirty {and somewhat fat} Prince Charming...

he may be dirty, but Bob is always charming...

and no, that's not blood on his face - it's just dirt and melting snow. :)

soft eyes, velvety nose...

through the orchard...

the branches are bare, but there's a promise of spring...

...the grass is always green under the snow...

and back to the house...


 I hope you all had a blessed Sunday!  I certainly did.  We're going through 1 Corinthians 13 at church.  So much to think about and ponder...and extremely convicting at times.  Okay, most of the time.  Ouch.

And I do apologize for not coming through with that Saturday Matinee post I promised.  I'm not a perfect blogger, and I do not have all of my posts for the week written and scheduled ahead of time.  I usually type them up at the last minute...why does that just sound like my life in general?  There was so much fun crammed into this weekend that the last minute came and went without me even noticing.  Anyway, yes, there will be one this Saturday.  Not promising, but chances are good. ;)

Happy Trails!


  1. Those are beautiful pictures! And Bob looks very charming. :) While the snow makes for lovely pics, I'll admit that it's looking springy out here and I'm so ready for it. So I'll just enjoy your pictures and be thankful I don't have to drive in it tomorrow. ;D

  2. I love to see your Bonnie Dog all happy out in the snow! She seems to be recovering so beautifully too. Your farm is lovely all covered in the blanket of fresh falling snow. It sort of has that Currier & Ives look. And please don't apologize for having a weekend so crammed full that there was not a minute to blog! That is a blessing we all understand!!! Movies are always available. Fun with family and friends take the cake!!

  3. Everything look so pretty! We didn't get any this year, which is sad, but now I'm eagerly waiting for spring to arrive.

  4. Beautiful! I love that pic of Bonnie running;D

  5. Pretty pics! We got quite a bit of snow too. Unfortunately, I can't wait for winter to be over and there are NO signs of spring anywhere around (and probably won't be for quite a while... *sigh*). I really do love snow, but there is something wonderful about warm weather after months and months and months of cold and snow and slippery roads. :-) I looked back over your responses to older comments (which, by the way, was really sweet of you to take the time to do!) and saw the one about Once Upon a Time. If you get a chance you should totally try it out. It's not perfect, but I really enjoyed the creative new twist that they put on some great fairytale characters. I "needed" to keep watching just to see all of the interesting backstories that I had been missing my entire life. :-) I've really enjoyed your Saturday Matinee posts so I'll be looking forward to the next one that you're able to do!

  6. Wonderland......winter wonderland!!!

    I liked the pictures - brr it looks super cold. Our snow is melting; FINALLY. I am tired of snow.

  7. Yes, indeed, snow is beautiful--much more pleasant than the sodden dead "grass" (weeds) and mud we endured in California! We got a light dusting this past week, but it melted pretty quickly. I must admit, though, that I'm still holding out for a REAL Spring and Summer this year--and the sooner the better, say I! ;-)

    And that pic of the Bonnie-dog running happily in the snow is just too cute! Looks like she's feeling better after her ordeal. *Pats head gently*

    God bless,

  8. Kara - Um, yes. I'm soooooo ready for the snow to go away! I don't particularly like driving in it, either. ;)

    Winnie - The Bonnie dog is recovering beautifully! Got her stitches out and is doing simply grand.
    That's true - I treasure my time spent with family and friends far more than that I spend watching movies, even though I adore films. :)

    Sereina - That is sad that you didn't get any snow this year...but I'm with you on eagerly anticipating spring!

    Kellie - Didn't it turn out well?! For once my camera didn't hate me! Love it!

    Tayler - It's been just above freezing here during the day, so the snow is slowly melting off. Before it snowed again, I was actually starting to see the ground in places. I can't wait for spring!!
    Yes, I am totally going to check out Once Upon a Time! Looks exactly like something I'd enjoy.

    Bella - Yeah, our snow is melting, too. Spring won't truly be here to stay until the end of April or beginning of May, and I'm looking forward to it!

    Tom - I don't usually get ready for spring until about the end of March, but I am soooo ready for it this year!!

  9. Awesome, awesome photos Natasha. God bless Bonnie. She's a survivor! Your home is a paradise.

  10. Mr. Dane - I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos! :)


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