December 2, 2013


Just some pictures of the logging that my dad and I did this summer.  Lots of work, but also very rewarding!   We sold the logs to the local mills.  Cedar went up to the mill in Laclede and everything else we took to the Chilco mill.   Logging is an important part of being a good steward of what God has given us and keeping our forest healthy.  I have a vlog I'll be sharing sometime soon-ish...I hope. *wink*

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I have so many things I want to share with you all!  These past few weeks have been very full, and it doesn't look like I'll be slowing down any time soon.  But right now, I have to do some dishes and feed my animals, so I will catch you lovelies up later. *smile*

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Christmas is coming, people!!!  I love this time of year so much.


  1. What was the logging for? Are you building something new? What did you do with all of the logs? Such a big project but you forgot to tell us what it was for??? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Your area is so beautiful!
    I have never been farther west than Nebraska....
    I would love to travel there one day!


  3. How fun! One of my brothers and I did quite a bit of cutting, splitting, and stacking for several friends this year (not to mention our own gigantic stack of winter fuel). Being outside with the lovely smell of freshly cut wood is one of my favorite things. :D

  4. It looks gorgeous up there!!! My dad and some friends of ours had what you could call a logging party today I guess. They felled a lot of trees and split so much wood I swear it could last us the next five winters. Lovely photography! <3

  5. Winnie - I guess that would be a good thing to know. ;) I added more the post to explain what we were doing with the logs.

    Cassie - It is beautiful. I love it here:) Nebraska is is pretty boring from what I remember. At least, the scenery is. We have some good friends who live there, so I have fond memories of visiting there. :)
    If you are every in Idaho, let me know and we can meet! :D

    Kalin - Thank you! My old camera had it's good days. ;)

    Tayler - I'm so glad I didn't have to help with cutting, splitting, and stacking. It's enough just stacking the limbs on the burn pile and hooking the chain around the log. But the smell of freshly cut wood is totally worth it! =D

    Elizabeth Anne - It is. Completely, magnificently gorgeous. :) Nice to have lots of wood stored up!

  6. LOVE! that you are doing this and supporting this industry as well as taking care of your forest!

  7. Jan - It's pretty awesome to be a part of something like this, even in a small way. :)


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