December 19, 2013

Christmas Twenty Thirteen // Decorating {part two}

For as long as I can remember, this album by Mannheim Steamroller has been our official "Christmas tree decorating" music.  It really doesn't feel like Christmas till I've slipped the disc into the player and hit "play".  Isn't it amazing how simply hearing a favorite song can bring back so many memories of Christmas past?

I have to say, the "Christmas tree selecting" committee did a fabulous job this year!  We always cut down a tree from our property, it's usually a bit too big, and we have to trim it...literally.  But this year, it was like the small bear's bed and porridge from Goldilocks and the Three Bears - just right.

Decorating the tree with my's so very special, especially knowing that the years that we'll all be in the same house, living together as one family won't last forever.  I'm looking forward to having my own family someday, but in all honesty and sincerity, I'm going to miss living my folks.  I'm so happy right here, right now.

The train always goes around the tree.  Always.  It's tradition.

Rather predictably, Merlin finds the tree quite fascinating!

Only six days till Christmas! *confetti* *fanfare*  I am so excited!!

Merry Christmas!

How about you all?  What Christmas traditions does your family have?  I want to know!


  1. Ohh, what a pretty tree! I love the color and the fact that you can go out on your farm and select just the perfect one!! We decorate our family tree on December 13, which is St. Lucia Day, and the usual kickoff of the Scandinavian holiday festivities. Being married to a Norwegian has brought new and exciting traditions to our family. Having gone to Norway this past summer, we are enjoying all of theses traditions with new appreciation this year! Next up? Making Kumla for Christmas eve, and Julekaka for Christmas morning breakfast! The Sandbakkel cookies have already been made! We just need SNOW!

  2. I LOVE your tree!!

    My family has quite a few traditions around the holiday season. We always wake up around 7AM, cook a breakfast and open presents, then all the family comes around to our tiny house and opens theirs. The night of Christmas, we watch movies all night. The morning, we always listen to old music when we open presents. My favorite is our "blessing" tree. We decorate our christmas tree with little thanksgiving ornaments and every day, we write on a little piece of burlap on an string to make a cute ornament and say what we're thankful for. We keep it up for about 10 days, then once Thanksgiving is over, we break out the christmas ornaments. :)

  3. I really quite love posts like this. It's so much fun to read how other people celebrate Christmas. XD (It also makes me very glad to know that I'm not the only one who uses a lot of pictures. lol.)

    I think your tree looks smashing.


  4. Our Christmas traditions have changed some over the years. When Bro and I were growing up, our family would usually go up to Grandma's house on Christmas Eve for dinner and presents, then on Christmas Day Mom and Aunt B would alternate hosting Christmas dinner each year. Since we don't all live in the same area anymore, we've introduced what I hope will become a new tradition--Skype Parties!
    But through the years, no matter how our lives have changed, we've kept some traditions; namely, hanging a lighted garland (a tree is just too tempting for our kitties, plus we don't have room in our tiny house!), setting up Mom's creche collection, and of course, stockings and presents on Christmas Morning!

    How wonderful that you-all found just the right tree that you could get right to decorating! Love the train, too. There's just something so old-timey (-wimey? :-P) and nostalgic about a toy train around a Christmas tree, wot? And wow, is Master Merlin ever getting fluffy! He's going to be absolutely gorgeous when he grows up!

    God bless, and have a very Merry Christmas, m'dear!
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  5. Songs - absolutely. We have this old record with medieval Chistmas songs (I used to call it "Old Notes", because it has them on the cover) - and they are, forever and ever, THE Christmas songs for me.


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