December 30, 2013

Christmas Twenty Thirteen // One King // Vlog no. 8

Rule One: The Doctor lies.

As do least in this case.  Because I have one more Christmas post to share.  Rather, a vlog...

Amazingly enough, I've actually begun to feel more at ease singing in front of people.  Which is really good, because I do love singing.  Still working on calming my pre-performance nerves, but they're not nearly as bad as they used to be.  It does help when you're doing it to bless others and for the Lord, not for the applause...although, applause it nice, too. *smile*

How about you?  Do you enjoy singing or playing for others?  I want to know!


  1. Oh, Tasha, you have such a pretty voice! And holy.... you were singing high. Nice clear high notes, so good job. :D

    Also I was not expecting that voice out of your brother. I was thinking tenor and then BOOM. Bass. lol.

    I love singing. singing is awesome. And I love performing, but I can't do it much. XD


  2. That was so, so beautiful. I may or may not have watched it half a dozen times while backing you up:)
    Also, love the coordinating cream-cherry red-mint going on here... very nice.

    We never went caroling this year! Let's go caroling soon anyways... it'll be brilliant.

  3. That was a beautiful song, I've never heard it before. Your voice was lovely, and you and your brother sounded really good together!

    Becca and I along with friends (actually, the friends in our most recent post) have played at our local nursing home. Usually Becca sings and I accompany her on the guitar, but sometimes I join in too.

  4. Lovely duet by you and your brother! Both of you are quite talented. Yes, singing in front of people can be nerve wracking and intimidating until you get used to it. I used to sing with choirs at church and the community many years ago and sometimes it was easier than others for me. Mostly, I found performing difficult . I am much better at public speaking where there are no missed notes or having your mind go blank for the next words!

  5. That's such a beautiful song! New to me - which should not be a surprise with my nationality, but, well, seeing as I'm usually not overly fond of English Christmas songs (except Comfort and Joy/God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen), I was really pleasantly surprised by this!

    I enjoy singing WITH people. I sang in my congregation's sorry choir a few times before it stopped, and had some singing sessions with the youth from my presbytery, with our church's music expert, and I really enjoyed the "singing with other people something you normally don't" part of that experience. And singing alto in multi-level-whatever-it's-called pieces.

  6. You sing so well! You and your brother sound great together.

    I can't carry a tune in a bucket, so no, I don't enjoy singing for others. :) When I'm alone in my car...well, that's a different story!

  7. Hi Natasha!
    That was was beautiful, and some of those notes where really high! But you did great, I'd probably just squeak 'em out : )
    I totally agree with Treskie on your brother, only Beth told me before I watched the video. And I still was surprised : )
    I still get I little nervous singing in front of people, even though Beth and I play music for church frequently and I've done it since I was little.
    But it always helps when your sibling is right there with you!

  8. Said it then and I will say it again, you and Alex did GREAT! I really like the combination of your high soprano and his deep bass voice... I knew Alex had a bass voice but wasn't expecting it to be that low.:) Great job!


  9. What a beautiful medley!
    You have an amazing voice! :)

    I do enjoy performing, singing that is ... when I do it with other people. :)

    Especially while feeding the animals.... :)


  10. Love to hear you sing like a beautiful bird Tasha. What happened to that song we were practicing? Not only is your voice beautiful but so is your spirit, that makes it even more beautiful. As far as doing it in front of others it is scary. We were asked to sing at a function tonight and my knees are shaking already Ha ha!

  11. By the way you and Kellie and come and carol for us still!!

  12. Just thought I would mention that the 12 days of Christmas go through January 5th so there is still time for you and Kellie to go caroling!

    Here we come a wassailing among the leaves so green...

  13. Wow! Your voice is beautiful! Thanks for letting us hear you. ;)

  14. Beautiful! Your voices complement each other perfectly!

    I love to sing, especially when I am doing my chores.:)


  15. Your voice is so beautiful! Those high notes sounded absolutely lovely. I do love to sing...but I get so terribly nervous singing in front of anyone, unless it's with a group, and even then my knees still go all wobbly. Still, I do love singing in my church's choir (I'm one of only two sopranos!)'s so wonderful to praise the Lord with beautiful music.

    decked out in ruffles

  16. Goodness, you all are too kind! Thank you for your kind words - you've blessed me so much.

    My bro's voice surprises a lot of people. Actually, he can sing tenor too...and higher. He has a rang of 4 octaves. *jealous* ;)

    Treskie - Thank you, dear! When we finally meet in person, we should sing a song together and make a vlog!! :D

    Kellie - We need to do that! At Dinah Raye's at least (see below comment...). :) And someday, we should sing a song together at church.

    Winnie - I've yet to go blank while singing, but I have no doubt it will happen eventually. :)

    Hana-Marmota - I don't think it's very well known in the US either, which is a shame.
    Singing with a choir is so much fun!!

    Kristin - Thank you! We love singing together:)
    Hehe, singing alone in the car is the best! ;)

    Becca - Why thank you:)
    Yes, thank goodness for siblings who will get up there with you!

    Mia - *grin* Thanks, dear:)

    Cassie - Oh, I love singing while doing the chores, too!!

    Dinah Raye - I know, what did happen to that song?? We should still do it! I don't know that I'll ever not feel scared to get up in front of people, but at least I don't feel like I'm going to die anymore. ;)
    I'd love to do that! I'll talk to Kellie and figure out when she can come over, too.

    Winnie - This is true...we should.

    GreenMedallion - Well thank you for listening:)

    Eowyn - It seems that several of us enjoy singing while doing the chores! I know I do:)

    Vicki - Thank you:)
    My goodness, only two sopranos?? You've got a bit more pressure to get it right with only two! We have quite a few at our church, but only four high sopranos (including myself).

  17. We should! Oh hey, actually, you said you were coming to California soon... Are you going to be anywhere near Tahoe?

  18. Let's do it! It's been far too long since I've seen you, Dinah Raye. Can't wait:) And singing at church would be amazing. Let's do that too. Let's do all the things;D

  19. You sing beautifully! I enjoy singing for the elderly people in the nursing homes. And specials at church.



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