December 11, 2013

Snapshots | Thanksgiving & Game Night

: : Our Game Night : :

My bro planned the activities for this game night, and they included a tic-tac-toe tournament and raffle tickets.  He made up some awesome honorary prizes.  For example, one lucky person was addressed as "Your Royal Highness" for the entire evening. *wink*

Merlin enjoyed playing with Laura's ponytail...

: : Jenny's Game Night : :

We started off with a neat game that combined Catch Phrase with Gestures.  Everyone wrote down on separate slips of paper a person, a place, and a thing.  The papers went into the container, the group was divided into two teams, and everyone took turns drawing out a slip and using words or gestures to help their team to guess the word.  They had a minute to guess as many words as possible.  Great fun!

You know Rob and Molly are there when you see turtle bread... *grin*

: : Thanksgiving : :

Traditions dictates that we go to my Grandparent's house for Thanksgiving.  So, to Grandmother's house, we went!

My Grandpa cooked all of the food this year...which was nice.  Really nice.  And soooo tasty!!

My mom and dad. :)  My mom is doing so much better now that's she's beginning to recover from Lyme Disease.  It's been a long tunnel, but there's definitely light at the end.  Praise the Lord for His healing and faithfulness!

: :

If you made it to the end of this picture heavy post, congratulations!  You deserve a medal... *hands out cyber medals*  There you are! *grin*

I can't wait to start sharing all of the Christmas-y photos I've been taking! Loving my camera so much!
*big smile*


  1. Thanks for the metal, I made it! :)
    Such great pictures! What perfect timing for your new camera!


  2. Your new camera is getting a fine work-out! Thanks giving and game night looked pretty fabulous! Praise God that your sweet mom is getting better!

  3. This post is filled with fun stuff! And all the photos are fun to look at. :) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving!

    Now I'm waiting for you to post some of those Christmas photos. I wanna see! :D

  4. Jack is a darling:) Looks like game night was pretty sweet..., too ;D
    Also, Merlin looks maniacally adorable.

  5. Another set of very nice photos, Natasha. All of you seem to be having a good time at game night. Merlin certainly does!

    I am so glad to see your dear Mom doing much better. I remember the first time I came up to Idaho to see the Hat Band, I was sitting in the auditorium and your parents were about to pass by when they stopped right in front of me and introduced themselves to me. I shook their hands and I still don't know how they knew I was there!

  6. Cassie - *grin* I'm glad someone did! ;) Perfect timing, indeed! So thankful!

    Winnie - I thank Him every day for my mom's recovery.

    Sereina - I'm still working on fine tuning my photography skills, but the photos are getting better. :)

    Kellie - Yes, he is. Jack is a darling...and Merlin is maniacally adorable. ;)

    Will - Thank you:) Well, they must have heard from Alex that you were going to be there. I know they were very happy to meet you. :)


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