September 26, 2013

Daddy's Girl

The past few days, I've been thinking a lot about my dad.  Dads have such a special and unique place in our lives, especially when you're an adult daughter living at home.  On the one hand, they are your protector and provider.  And on the other hand, they represent authority and spiritual guidance.   As I've continued to live at home, under my daddy's protection and authority, it's been difficult at times to figure out just how our relationship works now.

I mean, I am 24-years-old.  I make many decisions for myself.  What to wear, what to watch, what to read, who to vote for, who my friends are, what church to attend, etc.  And do you know what?  Sometimes, dad and I do not agree on those things.  Especially my first year voting.  Think just out of high school and very idealistic. *wink*

No, there are some things we don't agree on.  Some things, I have to make up my own mind on and respectfully stand fast.  No, I do not know it all.  But do you know what?  No one knows it all.  No one has it all figured out.  Remember when you were a little kid, and it seemed like daddy knew everything?  He was stronger and smarter than anyone else's dad!  Then you grow up, and you're amazed when you discover that daddy makes mistakes, too.  You're amazed when you discover that you're an adult, and you still make mistakes.  You're never completely finished.  You never stop growing and learning.

And that's when you realize, we're in the same boat now.  Daddy and I, still father and daughter, but we're both adults who make mistakes now.  And it's sort of wonderful, when you think about it.  Really wonderful.

I think the hardest part, is for daddy to realize his little girl isn't a little girl anymore.  In many ways she is, but in so many ways she's not.  And I imagine that that's really hard to wrap your brain around at first.

And it doesn't help when you're just like your daddy.  I mean, just like.  You know what you believe is right and you stand on it.  Stubborn as all get out.  And you have no problem making your voice heard.  It's impossible for a combination like that not to blow up every once in a while.  *smile*  But as the years pass, and you both keep learning and stepping heavenward together, it gets easier.  You learn to respect each other's opinions and advice.  You learn to voice those thoughts and opinions in a gentle and respectful way.  You become friends.

My dad's birthday was the 12th.  I thank the Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful dad.  I don't always agree with him, but he will always have my love and respect.  He's my daddy.  He's the man that for the past 5 years, has cared for my mother as she recovers from Lyme disease, living up to the vow he made when he married her.  In sickness and in health.  He is the finest example of all that a Christian, husband, and father should be.

I don't know if you're reading this, Dad, I hope you are.  Communication isn't our strong point, but everything I've said here comes from the depths of my heart.  I love you so much.


  1. Tasha, what a lovely tribute to your Father! It is quite difficult living in the same house as your parents when you become an adult. You both still love each other, but you are still different people with your own ideas. When I think back on my Dad, some of the most important values he taught me was to keep an open mind, really listen to what others are saying, be tolerant of people who are so different from yourself, and question yourself when you feel so self righteous. These are hard lessons when you were a strong willed child like I was!! After all, I was one of those kids who just knew "I was right!" Hehe! I was lucky my Dad was practicing what he preached. I hope I continue to grow in those lessons everyday!

  2. Beautiful, Tasha! You DO have wonderful parents and you and Alex are 'some' of the proof! ;-)

    I'm almost 60 years old, and I 'still' ask my folks opinion once in a while....especially on's fun to see what someone who knows and remembers "how it used to be" looks at things. We should never forsake the wisdom that comes with age and experience.

    You are being wise, staying where you are until God leads you elsewhere...and you are a tremendous blessing and help to your folks.

    Yep! We parents are growing up with all you guys, now...I figured that out a while back when Matthew answered questions I couldn't possibly ever

    Great post! I'm proud of 'you' and your dad and sending love and prayers to your mama.


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