February 28, 2012

Bonnie Lass

i love dogs...
especially boxer dogs...
and in particular my boxer dog...
my Bonnie Lass.

this is Bonnie's chair.
it's situated quite cozily next to the fireplace in our daylight basement. 
the basement is our hang-out place and Bonnie's lair.

when Bonnie was a puppy...
she would hid under the chair to avoid punishment.

happy trails, y'all!

p.s. i may have had way too much fun editing these pictures.
p.s.s. i'm going to miss Picnik. :(


  1. SOOO cute! Bullet has a chair of his own, too!
    And a blanket for his bed at night! ;-)
    Good job on the photos!

  2. So cute! I love dogs so much.(:


  3. Oh your Bonnie is indeed the Queen of the house! She has lovely markings too. We raised two yellow Labs and they were just wonderful pets!! Dogs are very special in our lives. Your Bonnie must be so proud to have her day on your blog!! It is all about Bonnie Day!!

  4. Sooo adorable, Bonnie! You're a natural in front of the camera;)

  5. @Jan - our puppies are rather spoiled, I think;) But they give us so much, a little spoiling is forgivable:)

    @Vicki - dogs are my favorite animal/pet. They're so understanding and loving.

    @Winnie - Bonnie is definitely Queen Bee around here...and may or may not be shamefully spoiled;) Labs are wonderful dogs! In fact, that's what my mom wanted when we got our first dogs, but my dad wanted a 'macho' dog, like a doberman. Some friends of ours had a boxer who just had puppies, so we thought we'd at least take a look at them...snd now we're hopelessly hooked on the breed:) Yes, dogs are so very special in our lives. I can't imagine not having a dog!

    @Kellie - *grin*

  6. Natasha, I love these pictures! They're amazing :)


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