February 21, 2012

For You: Literary Heroine Wallpapers

Hello ladies...and any gentlemen who may be reading:)

In honor of Kellie's wonderful Literary Heroine Blog Party, I've designed some lovely (if I say so myself) computer wallpapers for your enjoyment.

Without further ado...

First, we have the sweet, compassionate Amy Dorrit from Charles Dickens Little Dorrit.

Next, the always popular Anne Shirley.  
No need to say which book she's from!

Followed by sensible Elinor Dashwood...

...and her music loving sister Marianne.

Dear, meddling Emma Woodhouse is next, from both the 2009 and the 1996 adaptations.

Now we have spunky, tomboy-ish Josephine March.

And what literary heroine wallpaper collection would be complete with out Miss Elizabeth Bennet?!
Both from the incomparable 1995 adaptation and the fun 2005 adaptation.
(I really can't stand Keira Knightly, but I do enjoy that adaptation very much, especially the soundtrack:)

One of my very favorite heroines, Margaret Hale from North & South.

And now we have Miss Cecily Cardew and Miss Gwendolen Fairfax from Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest.

And last, but certainly not least, little Molly Gibson from Wives & Daughters.

All of these wallpapers and more (including a few more from Emma 2009) are available for your use on the for {You} page.  Once you're on the page, just scroll down until you come to the Other Movies section.

Please do let me know what you think of them and which one is your favorite!
Have a wonderful, blessed day:)


  1. Oh so marvelous! I love them all - thank you so much for sharing, dear!
    I think it's a tie between Molly, Cecily, and Little Dorrit for my very faves...

  2. WOW! These are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  3. Oh wow! Choosing which one to use is going to be so hard! They are all lovely!

  4. Natasha- These are just perfect for the continuation of the heroine blog party! Thanks for getting together so many favorites! I think I love Cecily. Not only is Wilde's play the best, but that red trimmed blouse is stunning!And you know how I love red=D!

  5. Those wallpapers are so lovely! Gorgeous, just gorgeous! I cannot wait to use them--not like I know which one to use. They're all so wonderful!

  6. These are awesome! I love every single one of these movies. I think we might be kindred spirits. Now, if you could make some nice wallpapers of their hero counterparts...

  7. Thank you ladies for your sweet comments! You've brightened my day...and boosted my confidence in my graphic design skills:)

    @Julie Daines - I think I can arrange a few wallpapers for the hero counterparts...=)

  8. Yes, yes! Do some hero counterparts - and we can swoon over them;D

  9. Oh my! These are so lovely :) I absolutely love what you did with them. One of my favorite hobbies is to dabble in Photoshop. Such wonders to create heehee :)) Fantastic job!

  10. I just completed the Jane Austen quiz and ended up as Elinor Dashwood!! At least it was better than the Scarlet Pimpernel quiz. Now back to selecting wall papers I started to save for use!!! Did anyone else do this quiz?? Who were you?

  11. The Jane Austen quiz is so much fun! On average, I come out as Elizabeth most often and Elinor second to that. Pretty accurate, I think;)

  12. That's the same two that I always come out as, too. What a coincidence;)


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