October 3, 2010

Historical Costume Inspiration Festival: Bonnie Lass Costume

The Inspiration...
A love of everything Scottish, my dear friend Kellie, the book The Scottish Chiefs by Jane Porter, and also In Freedoms Cause by G.A. Henty.
Illustrations by N.C. Wyeth from The Scottish Chiefs.
The Costume...
Meet my "prop", Bob.  Bob was a wee bit anxious during this photo shoot since it was getting close to his dinner time.  The boy loves his food;)
The skirt and tam were made 6 years ago...
The vest was beyond me at that point in my sewing experience, but I finally pulled it out and made it last year.
The skirt is quite full, and made of cozy plaid flannel, as is the tam.
The lace-up vest is made of black cotton, has metal eyelets down the front and plastic boning. 
-The blouse is store bought (Coldwater Creek), but I'm planning to make a blouse to go with this outfit someday.-
I wish I could tell you what pattern I used, but I can't find it online, and I borrowed it from Kellie:)
I've always wanted to ride Bob while wearing this costume:)
Well, there you have it, my Bonnie Lass costume!
It's a very versatile costume, and I've used the vest at a friend's Renaissance themed party...
{a BIG thank you to my brother Alex for being my personal photographer}

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