October 21, 2010

{Belated} Wallpaper Wednesday

Happy belated Wallpaper Wednesday!
No, I didn't think that yesterday was Tuesday, or that today was Wednesday... (it isn't, right?;)
I was in the middle of a HUGE cleaning project (you'll probably be hearing more about that later), and was just too busy and tired to post it yesterday.
So, I trust you won't mind if I post it today:)
Without further ado, I give you...Randolph Scott!
{Full size image on the Graphic Design page}
Randolph Scott is simply one of my favorite actors.  He's perfect for the rugged, manly cowboy/mountain man/pirate roles, but cleans up good for movies like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm with Shirley Temple. Very versatile and funny.
Note: all of the photographs found using Google Images - Dr. Macro really doesn't have a good selection for Randolph Scott, to my sorrow.
And I'm still working on Gene Kelly and Gregory Peck!  I will have one of them done for next week:)
So long folks!

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