June 21, 2009

What I found on our camera card...

The guys at the Rockin' B Ranch, on opening night (the same night Dad and I went to the rally)
The boys at the Rockin' B on Rockin' Bluegrass night.  The Hat Band was one of four featured bands.
Ha!  You're not so big now, Alex!;)  Yeah, in my dreams=)
Mitts took shelter in a rather interesting spot during a thunderstorm:)
I love the way the tree tops show up in contrast to the black storm cloud!
Our container garden - potatoes and peas, I believe.
Speaking of gardens...
Now here's a garden!
The Fs have a lovely garden this year, with pretty much every plant imaginable in it.
How many people does it take to plant potatoes?
Well, in this case it took six - one to plant them, and five to watch.  But isn't that how it always is?
I don't know that we did much to help plant the garden, but it was sure nice to see the Fs, and we all had a good time...I think:)  The little girls were very well behaved, but the "big" kids...well, we won't go there;)  Yup, we had fun=)
This is at the sheep farm that Alex is buying six lambs and one ewe from.  The lambs will be butchered this fall, of course, but he'll be keeping the ewe for breeding.
The farmer's lovely Great Pyrenees dog had a litter of puppies - good thing I didn't go with them to the farm.  I would have taken one of those cuties home!:)  Or maybe two...;)
This is the ewe that Alex is buying.   She's 2 years old, and she had her first lamb this year, which is coming with her.  We'll be bringing them to our house around the end of July.
Ahh yes...tar=)
Yes, today I got to paint tar onto the potato cellar we are putting in=) 
Tar is actually quite interesting...and messy.  Note: I put on old clothes for this job, and wore a baseball cap - I sure didn't want any tar in my hair!
Anyone got some feathers?!
It's, it's...nooooo! the TAR MONSTER!   Aggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used about five pairs of vinyl gloves all told - they got messy rather quickly.
Alex - always original...
and funny...

 What in tar-nation's goin' on 'round here?!

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