June 25, 2009

the Virgina Reel & Crickets

This Tuesday, our family and the As headed over to the F's house for a rendezvous style get together in honor of our mutual friend, Mr. S, who was visiting from California.   Mr. S used to live up here, and was the person who got the boys (and girls:) interested in muzzle loaders and rendezvous.  We haven't seen him for about...two years?  Three?  I don't remember, but it's been a while:)

"Hey!  You guys are taller than me!"
Me, Ellen and Kellie

Although we didn't do any shooting, Alex brought a few of his guns to show Mr. S.
Alex, with his appendage, Tilda;)

After an excellent dinner of chicken, biscuits, potato salad, and other really yummy food, we...well, as hard as it may be for you to believe, we danced the Virginia Reel!

And, we got the boys to do it too!=)  A BIG thank you to Alex and Mr. A for helping us to round up the boys who tried to escape;)  You'd have thought we were trying to poison them...

Ahhh, and here's were the crickets come in - Matthew (aka Peppy), didn't want to dance.   Alex made him a deal, "You either eat ten crickets, or you dance".  Faced with a decision like that, Matthew did what most 12-year-old boys would have done - he opted for the crickets.   No, he hasn't eaten them yet, but, according to Alex, "He will":)  I'll keep you posted on that...;)

I have some video clips I'd like to post, but we'll see how that goes...
"Oh, come on Matthew!  We need one more boy!" 

Since Matthew preferred eating crickets to dancing, my Dad graciously consented to dance with Lilly...and proceeded to have a very good time:)  He said that, aside from playing his bass, he enjoyed the dancing the best.  See what you missed, Matthew?!
Alex and Kellie sashay down the line
Christopher and I go under the bridge
Aubrey and Ellen sashay down
Christopher and I "reel the set"
Alex and Kellie go under the bridge
I think all the girls went around smiling for the rest of the night.  And after seeing the splitting grins on all of the boys faces in these pictures, can anyone doubt that they had fun too?:)

It was very fun, and we will definitely do it again sometime!
After dancing, we got out our musical instruments, and played a few songs for Mr. S.
The Modern Mountain Man ;)
Part of our enthusiastic audience

Happy Trails folks!

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