June 2, 2009

Sheep Shearin' Blues

I got the sheep shearin' blues, I got the sheep shearin' blues...

Only I didn't have the sheep shearin' blues, because Hank Little (also of the fabulous Bluegrass band The Panhandle Polecats) came out to shear my sheep this morning.

So I didn't have to do anything but stand back and watch:)
That's Lady Jane that he's shearing there.

Hank did a good job.  He also trimmed both the ewe's toe nails, and castrated all of my lambs.
I'm going to (hopefully) go to sheep shearing school next year, where I'll learn to shear sheep and llamas.  It's just easier to do it yourself, rather than having someone else do it, although Hank's prices are more than reasonable.  He's in the US Army Reserves though, so it's kind of hard to get a shearing appointment with him because he's always going somewhere for training.

While their mother, Esther, was being sheared, the twins, Stanley and Oliver, would look at each other, like they were saying, "Do you know where mom is?"  "Nope.  Do you know where she is?"  They were so cute:)
Ollie (aka Oliver)

Quincy was almost beside himself when he couldn't find his mom.  Unlike the twins, he had no one to hang out with.  After Lady Jane was sheared and back in the pen, Quincy didn't recognize her without her fleece, and he kept staring at her fleece on the tarp and baaing.  I directed him over to his mom, and, as soon as he smelled her, he was completely happy again:)
Ollie again.  Stanley, his brother, is a bit more camera shy and skittish, so I don't have as many pictures of him.
One of our lamb customers, Brenda C. and her two daughters, Samantha and Sydney, visited today to see our lambs.  They happened to come at the same time Hank did, so they got to see some sheep shearing, which they thought was really neat.

Sydney got to collect eggs too:)  She's sooo cute, but not quite as cute as Clara, of course;)
We visited the horses too.  Samantha gave Bob some grass, which he thoroughly enjoyed:)  Samantha and Sydney each have their own pony at home, so they're old hands at feeding horses treats.

Happy Trails!

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