October 3, 2015

Reader, I married him. | Pt. 4

Before we went in for the reception, we got a picture that I really, really wanted to have...

All of our family members that attended in one picture!  I loved having so much family there!

I'm so glad I had time before the wedding to visit with my family from out of state.  We didn't have much time on the actual wedding day.  It was so special to have so many of them with us.

In addition to family, so many friends came.  There was seating inside for 300 and it looked like almost every seat was taken.  I'm especially thankful for our wonderful church family!

Hank's siblings sang us a song that they wrote.  I honestly don't remember anything about it - everything is kind of a blur - but I'm sure it was funny. :smile:

Signing the wedding license.

The cake was exactly what I envisioned.

This was maybe one of the weirdest things I've every participated in.  Feeding each other cake.  In front of people.  It's weird.  And slightly awkward.  We did not smash the cake in each other's faces.  We are civilized, after all. :wink:  Oh, and Hank says feeding me cake was no weirder than the rest of the wedding.  I still think it was the weirdest.

I love the cake topper that I found on Etsy!

We danced our first waltz to the waltz from the movie The Young Victoria.

We tried to get our niece and nephew to dance together.  They were sure cute!

Then it was time for some swing!!

With my bro.

My mom with her sisters.

Our getaway car.  Some of the guys from church decorated it, and we found toilet paper in some of the oddest places.

And they helped my bro to put the ball and chain around Hank's ankle.

While I tossed my bouquet from the bed of the pick-up, he managed to get it off, despite the fact that he couldn't locate the key. :grin:

And then we drove off into the sunset.
It was the perfect wedding day.

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  1. Wow, you sure have a big extended family! Awesome that you all got a picture together. The reception looks like a lot of fun! Love the swing dancing pictures--and that cake topper is great!

  2. What...you don't remember the song?! Okay, you need to them to sing it to you again! It was epic!! Something about his not spending all his time hunting, except, it was better than that. You definitely need to have them play it for you both again! :)
    That was a beautiful wedding, and so you and Hank! I thought they got pictures of you both kissing after the wedding. Did you not kiss once until after you left? Oh well!
    I'm so glad God gave you good weather that day!

  3. It's interesting to look through these delightful pictures and realize, "Oh, wow, some of these people are married to each other now!" :-D

    Thanks for sharing your Special Day with us! May God grant you both many, many more happy years together.
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  4. Stunning Natasha! Thanks so much for sharing of your special day. Your reception area was amazing! What a perfect spot to hold all you and Hank's friends and family! :)

    of Calico Sisters blog


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