September 26, 2015

Reader, I married him. | Pt. 3

My bridesmaids and I took a moment to pray before they took their places.
It's one of the memories I cherish most from this day.

As the musicians began to play "Anna's Theme" from the movie Leap Year, I began my walk down the aisle.  There were butterflies in my stomach, but I just kept my focus on the end of that aisle...on my handsome groom.

And I didn't have to walk that long aisle alone - I was blessed to have my dad right there with me the whole way.

  I honestly don't remember much from during the ceremony, except Hank and being overwhelmed by how blessed I was to be marrying him.  

Pastor Paul does such a wonderful job of showing how the relationship between Christ and His church is imitated by the relationship between husband and wife.

I do remember it feeling so odd to be the one up there exchanging vows and rings.

And about here is where the picture of our first kiss should be...except we don't have any.  Nope, not one.  Apparently we were really quick about it...I know I was feeling a bit shy about getting my first kiss in front of so many people.  I'm still glad I waited until the ceremony for my first kiss, though.  And it makes for a good story. :grin:

Edit 9/28: My Aunt Kathy sent me this picture that my cousin Parker captured of our first kiss with his phone!!  I am sooo excited to have this!!!

So, so happy.

Here we come, officially, until God by death alone parts us, Mr. & Mrs.!

That's all for today's post.  Up next will be the reception.

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  1. So sweet! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I just LOVE the picture with you and Kellie. So Sweet!!! Keep the posts coming, I missed them so much! <3

  3. Such a beautiful day, such a beautiful bride, such a handsome groom! Thanks for sharing the photos of your special day!!

  4. this!! So glad you got a photo from Parker of your first kiss! It WAS pretty fast! ;) hehe Your wedding was gorgeous, sis!!! Amazing how a moment changes everything, eh?

    PS. Reading this encourages me to get back on looking forward to getting internet again! :)

  5. You guys are so cute! I love seeing the pictures from the wedding!!


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