September 14, 2015

Reader, I married him. | Pt. 2

This was it.  The big day.  As unreal as it seemed, this was my wedding day.

The weather was perfect.  No...really perfect.  Beautiful blue skies, warm but not hot.  Perfection.

This day of all days began with me sitting in my parent's kitchen, eating breakfast, and getting my hair done.  After checking to make sure we had absolutely everything that we needed, my brother, cousins, bestie, and I got in the car and headed for the Rockin' B Ranch.  My folks had to pick up a few things, so we took separate cars.

This was, and still is, my dream wedding dress.  Handmade by Kellie Falconer Design.

Simple white flats, real pearls, and the garter I made.  I used this tutorial.

The buttons up the back are from my mom's wedding dress.  Just for looks - invisible zippers are the best.

There is nothing more delicious then long curls down your back.

And the bride is ready!

Aside from a light dusting of powder (thanks to Abbie - wouldn't want a shiny nose!) and lip gloss, I chose not to wear any make-up.  I don't wear make-up much anyway, so that was an easy decision, and one I do not regret.

The book shaped locket on my bouquet was borrowed from Grandma Barb.  It has black and white photos of her and my Grandpa when they were young.

Our bouquets and the bridesmaid's corsages were so perfect and lovingly put together by my friend Dinah Raye.  They were exactly what I wanted!

I totally wanted to steal one of the bridesmaid dresses - they're so beautiful!  Kellie made her's, and I sewed Abbie's.  It's really handy when you and your cousin are the same, very handy if you end up wanting to keep the dress. :wink:

I used this tutorial to make my veil - easiest thing ever, and so much fun!

And then it was time for me to hide away inside while my handsome groom had his turn with the photographers.  We both agreed that we wanted to wait to see each other until I was walking up the aisle.  I think "first looks" are silly.  No offence if that's what you did because that's your choice, but I think there's something incredibly exciting, suspenseful, and romantic about waiting until the ceremony to see each other!

With the getaway car, err, pick-up.  Fords are best.  Just sayin' it cause it's true.

Somehow or other, this picture happened.  Um, Austin??

Hank wears that purple tie well, doesn't he?

Tip for the bride-to-be: take advantage of the Amazon Prime month long free trial.  It includes free 2 day shipping.  I signed up the month before the wedding and used it a lot for last minute purchases, including both Hank and Austin's ties.  Just make sure you cancel your membership right away so they don't bill you next month.  That would be so sad.

Anyway, continuing on...

I couldn't resist peeking through the curtains at Hank.  It was amazing and surreal to think that by the end of the day we would be married, never to be separated except by God.

With one of our nieces and flowers girls, Ruth.

Hank and his dad.

This post Austin, Hank, and Alex approved.

It boggles my mind when I realize that this day was almost a year ago.  Can we really have been married for almost a whole year now?!  I thank the Lord for every month, day, hour, minute, and second of this past year with my husband.

I'm planning/hoping to share the next installments of our wedding photos before our 1st anniversary.  Choosing which photos to share is so hard!


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  1. I think it's awesome that you didn't wear make-up for your wedding! I don't plan on wearing it if I get married either, because I never wear it anyway. And I agree about first looks. I guess they're practical for photography reasons, but it definitely sounds a lot more special to wait and see each other at the ceremony. :)

  2. How beatiful your wedding was. Simply anf beautiful. Thank you for sharing this :)

  3. beautiful - love the dress:)

  4. Such beautiful pictures! You looked lovely! I never would have guessed you did not wear make-up, you really don't need it. : )

  5. Kristin - Thanks! It was nice to just feel like myself at my wedding, not all made up. :) Yep, much more special to wait until the ceremony. :D

    Delvalina - Aww, thanks! And you're welcome:)

    Anonymous - Thank you! I certainly do love that dress!

    Sarah - Why thank you! The pictures did turn out lovely, didn't they?

  6. Just lovely! And great to meet you last Sunday, although I felt all kinds of awkward like I was some kind of blogger stalker, and shy enough that I failed to shake Hank's hand. Still, my shyness aside, I appreciated the chance to say hello.

  7. Sharon - It was wonderful to meet you, too! I definitely didn't think you were a blogger stalker or awkward, and Hank just thought it was neat that you enjoy my blog so much! I'm so glad you came over and said hi. I hope that we'll meet again someday. :)

  8. Oh Natasha how lovely! I am so sad we couldn't make it to your wedding!! We got married the very next day as you know ;) such a beautiful day and amazing that you didn't wear makeup! You really don't need it and looked so beautiful without it! Everytime I pass Rockin B on my way to work I think about you! Happy Fall!

    1. Completely understandable, given the circumstances. Weddings are hard work! :D
      Aww, I love it that the Rockin' B makes you think of me! We definitely need to get together soon!

  9. So excited to see more posts on here! I kept looking, faithfully! Miss you and excited for you!

    1. I'm so thankful for my faithful readers! It's good to be back to blogging. :)

  10. Love seeing Al these photos of your special day!! You were a beautiful bride for sure!! Most importantly , you got to make things be just the way you wanted them in so many little sweet details. Congratulations Tasha on your upcoming First Anniversary!!

    1. Thank you, Winnie! It was exactly what I was hoping my wedding would be like. Perfect in every way.


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