February 7, 2015

Photo-a-Day + Link-up | February {week one}

ONE | We drove over Lookout Pass to Missoula, MT (about 3 hours away) to buy some sheep on Sunday.  That was an interesting drive!  The way over was great, but it was snowing pretty heavily on the way back.

TWO | Our three lovely new ladies...who have no names yet.  We got them for a really, really good price, and they look really healthy,  The one on the right is 6-years-old, the middle one is her yearling daughter, and the last one is also an unrelated yearling.

THREE | Talking to my bro on the phone.

FOUR | Are you a fan of delicious flavor?

FIVE | I'm finally getting a new pair of glasses - mostly just for first thing in the morning and as backup to my contacts - and I decided to give Warby Parker a try.  They send you five frames of your choice to try on for free.  Pretty awesome!

: :

Now it's your turn!  
Post your photo-a-day pictures on your blog, then share the link in the link-y below!

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Most of all, have fun exploring and sharing the world around you through your camera lens!

This link-y will be open until February 6th, so you have a whole week to get your post up and share your photos.

I'm looking forward to seeing your week in photos!


  1. Warby Parker...hmmm..I wonder, did you get the idea from Spotify?? ;)
    Love the looks of the new sheppies! :)

  2. Your new sheep are beautiful with their thick wooly coats! I am going to look into Warby Parker as I am toying with the idea of getting an extra pair of glasses and haven't found anything around town I like.

  3. Aw, sheep! :) Love the Psych reference.

    I got my current glasses through Warby Parker and was really pleased with the service, price, and the glasses. The try on at home program is awesome, and when I had a little issue with the website while ordering, they gave me a discount. I really like my pair from them though I rarely wear glasses...I'm so used to contacts that when wearing glasses I feel like I have too many blind spots, ha.

  4. Your new sheep are adorable! Love the mottled faces.
    I will have to tell my Mom about that glasses program. She has a small head and it is really hard for her to find glasses that fit her face.

  5. Your new sheep are so cute, and I always love seeing your snowy photos! :)

  6. Oh dear, I hate driving in the snow. I'm glad you made it safely there and back!


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