February 28, 2015

Photo-a-Day + Link-up | February {week four}

ONE | Hank took this last weekend.  I love fresh snow, so I was running around in it in my bare feet, being silly. *grin*

TWO | Cat nap.

THREE | Recently discovered how awesome this is in slow cooker recipes!

FOUR | The light was so pretty in the kitchen, and I love how my puppy sticks so close to me.  Example: she's laying right behind my chair as I type. *smile*

FIVE | My sweetheart brought me chocolate after I had a long (but wonderful) day on the Open Arms Mobile Clinic.

SIX | Working on getting pictures for my laptop sleeve pattern.

SEVEN, EIGHT, & NINE | Movie night at our house (we watched The Lego Movie) began with listening to records.

: :

Now it's your turn!  
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Most of all, have fun exploring and sharing the world around you through your camera lens!

This link-y will be open until March 6th, so you have a whole week to get your post up and share your photos.

What did you do this week?  I want to know!


  1. These photos are such fun! We had the same Mitch Miller record growing up and I had totally forgotten about Mitch and all of his great songs that we knew by heart.

    Barefoot in the snow? You are a brave soul!

  2. I love those yarn colors, and of course the photos of records! My family watched The Lego Movie not too long ago also! :)
    Happy March!

  3. Haha....so much fun. Walking barefoot in snow has always been a favorite.
    Such a bummer to miss out on game night...looked like it was a lot of fun! ;) But, I did have fun walking a couple miles in the cold with an out-of-town friend talking, so memories were still made...

  4. My mother has always been able to go out barefoot and almost not mind it at all. I did not inherit her abilities. :)

  5. I tagged you!! http://isabelladelallo.blogspot.com/2015/02/dude-thats-twice.html#comment-form


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