January 31, 2015

Photo-a-Day + Link-up | January {week four}

ONE | Reading the Word.

TWO | Thrift store treasures!  I'm especially excited about finding the little chalkboard!  The small shelf and the wood frames will be repainted.

THREE | Smudge on the woodshed roof.

FOUR | Baking.

FIVE | Alex serenades Bonnie with his ukulele.  Seriously loving the look on Bonnie's face. *grin*

SIX | My new/first camera tripod!  So excited!!

SEVEN | I finally put this vinyl decal above the doorway to the kitchen.  I really, really love it there.

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Now it's your turn!  
Post your photo-a-day pictures on your blog, then share the link in the link-y below!

Link-up Rules:
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Most of all, have fun exploring and sharing the world around you through your camera lens!

This link-y will be open until February 6th, so you have a whole week to get your post up and share your photos.

Thanks for linking up!  I can't wait to see your photos for this week!


  1. Awwww!!! Absolutely love this week's photos...
    LOVE the little chalkboard! (An absolute must in any house, imo) ;)
    And, of course that handsome man of mine... Mmm.. gotta love his ukelele! And Bonnie's face is priceless.
    LOVE the stencil! Stencils...mmm, and especially THAT verse!!
    Tripods are awesome, so glad you got your batteries up and working too!
    Smudge reminds me of this dog in our old neighborhood who loved to sunbathe all day on the 3rd story roof of his owners' home. It was fascinating watching him get up there!
    And, I love your quilt.

    What a little home you've made your house into!! I'm so happy for you Tasha!! <3 <3

  2. I know a Smudge. I love the name Smudge for a cat.

    I love chalkboards. I have wondered about making one in slate blue with chalkboard paint.

  3. LOL at the Bonnie-dog's face--"Are you serious?"
    Ooh-hah! :-D

    I can see why the cat is called Smudge. Totally adorable!

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  4. Love Bonnie's look!! The photo a day challenge is a very clever way to mark time and more fun than writing in a journal. Pictures are a wonderful way to share with others in your life.

  5. Awww, your house looks so cuuuuuute.

    Dat dog. XD

    And ooooh, I love your wall decal!


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