January 9, 2015

Photo-a-Day + News | January {week one}

This first week and a half of 2015 has been incredible.  If this is any indication of how the rest or the year will unfold, it's going to be a fantastic one!

The delightful and fabulous news, is that my bestie is engaged! *huge smile*  I'm so, so happy for my dearest Kellie.  Praise the Lord for bringing them together!  I rejoice in this new adventure that Kellie and Christopher are beginning together, and I'm more than  a little excited to be the Matron of Honor. *grin*

: :

ONE | Hank's brother came from Wisconsin for Christmas and they had fun shooting guns when he visited our house.
TWO | The Bonnie dog.
THREE | Smudge, the kitty cat.  She's supposed to be outside...but when the cats away, the mice will play!  Except, it's the cat who's playing, so that makes Hank a...oh, never mind.
FOUR | Sheepies!  The black face on the left is Ellie and the smaller one is her daughter Seven.  In the front (l-r) are Helen, Phrionnsa (pronounced "Frunsa" which is Gaelic for "princess"), and Laura.
FIVE | Ta-da!  The diffuser!
SIX | Some intense thank you note writing has been going on here.  The end is near...one way or the other!
SEVEN | We've caught this family of elk munching our hay several times!
EIGHT | This horse gets loose and comes visit the next door buffet, too.  We just lead him back home and leave him there.
NINE | Beautiful hand dyed wool yarn from my sister-in-law Molly.
: :

We finally got some real snow...after Christmas.  *sigh*  There was a tiny bit of snow Christmas morning, which was enough to put us in the Christmas spirit, but not real snow.  This, is real snow.

I reintroduced Hank to Psych this past week.  We watched the pilot episode while we were courting, but didn't have time for anything more.  Only a few episodes into Season 1, and Hank is wanting to watch the show every evening.  A Psych-O is born! *grin*

Originally, I thought essential oils sounded, well...silly.  At the very least, they couldn't be as amazing as so many people say they are.  That point of view was altered when I had an ear infection and my sister-in-law gave me some Lemon oil to use.  The discomfort was pretty much gone within a day.  So, we ordered a starter pack from Young Living and are learning a bit about essential oils.  We just got the diffuser, and I love it.  I'm hoping it will help with my headaches and the winter dryness that makes me stuffy.

Photo a day might be a bit sporadic until I get my new camera battery charger in the mail.  I misplaced mine (yeah, I lost it) somewhere during our honeymoon travels. *sheepish smile*

And that's all I can think of to share right now.  Hank should be home any minute now and I can't wait to give him a big hug and a kiss!

What do you think of turning this year's photo-a-day into a link-up?
Would you link-up?  I want to know!


  1. Psych is only the best show ever! With all the talk about Psych last year I had to check it out. I was HOOKED!!! I watched all of them and was so sad when it ended. I told my Sister about it, and her whole family also got hooked.
    They need to get that show back together.

  2. Love the posts and Photo A Day!!! :) Glad you're getting all those notes written...I remember trying to write ever so many after my graduation and other things...sometimes they haunt you!! :(

    Young Living is awesome!! I LOVE essential oils...

    I'm so happy for Christopher and Kellie..it was so fun to see them today--they're SO cute!!! And 'Matron'!! Mmm...savor the word my dear!! ;)

    Mmm...link ups would be fun (not sure how that all works...), and I think it'd be fun to be included...now that hopefully I'll have more time for myself too...

    The other night was awesome!! :) I'm so glad you and Hank were able to make it!

  3. Wonderful photo's Natasha! I just started watching Psych last week and I love it! I love a good mystery/comedy show :D I think it would be great to turn the photo a day into a link up! One of my goals this year is to work on my photography skills, so I think that would help keep me on track. :)

  4. I love your photo a day posts Natasha! You inspired me to start taking a photo everyday this year, so if you made a link up, I'd certainly link up. I hope your January is off to a good start! :)

  5. Wow, so much News packed into one post!! How about that bestie getting engaged!!! I am loving those gorgeous yarns from your sister-in-law too. Any plans for how you are going to use it? I love the way the purple yarn dyed with variations in the color. These three colors work well together and would make a pretty lacy shawl that seems so popular these days. I have a friend that uses the same essential oil system you are trying and she really loves how the oils have helped her. Keep us posted on what you experience yourself. Enjoy your snow!

  6. Tasha, I love your pictures. You take pictures the same way you tell stories. You can make every day life an interesting picture or exciting story. Keep them coming. :) What is a photo link? Is that what you did here? Just link the photo to your blog?

  7. This post is so fun Natasha! I have been following your blog for nigh on two years now, and I have such great fun seeing where the Lord has been taking you. :) The snow pictures are glorious! And I am super excited about Kellie!

  8. What a fun post! I love all the bits of news, especially reading about Kellie and her engagement! How exciting! :) and Psych is a pretty great show...I think that one should be next on the list for my boyfriend and me after we finish our current shows. :)

    Oh, and I've just been catching up on reading your blog! I loved seeing the wedding photos and your mini house tour! :)

    Vicki Grace

  9. Congratulations to Kellie! Enjoyed your photos!

  10. Hi Natasha,
    I just found your site (on Google+) and think it looks really cute. Can't wait to read more of your posts. Please check out my blog when you get the chance maidarise.blogspot.com !


  11. Hello dear! I am so happy that your photo a day is back for twenty fifteen as well! Oh my! I smile with delight for Kellie dear! Imagine, now having two of my blogging buddies off and married now! *big smile*

    I am just SO happy for you, uh, four! Hee hee! ;)

    Much, much love!

  12. Oh, and you can count us in for the link-up too!

    ANDDD...Your new(ish) header photo is stunn.ing!

    Calico Sisters Blog

  13. Heh. That was a somewhat confusing photo for me with the elk, because for me, elk = moose! What can I say, I'm European. :D

  14. Kimberly - I completely agree!!

    Sarah - Still working on getting those thank you notes out, but there aren't quite so many now:)

    Tiana - Me, too1 Mystery + comedy + perfection. :D
    I hope you'll be able to link up one of these days!

    Winnie - The yarn is so pretty, I almost don't want to use it, just look at it. ;) I like the idea of a lacy shawl, though!

    Barbara - Aww, thank you!
    If you have a blog, then you share the photos there, then come to my blog and add your link to the link-y at the bottom of my photo-a-day post:)

    Eowyn - I've enjoyed the journey He has taken me on, too:)

    Vicki - Your boyfriend must watch Psych!
    Hopefully I'll get around to sharing more wedding photos soon:)

    Bethany - Thanks!

    Toni - Welcome!

    Cassie - Me, too!
    I'm so glad you're enjoying the link up!
    Thanks, I certainly like it:)

    Hana-Marmota - Do you call moose "elk"? Interesting!


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