April 14, 2014

Photo a Day // April // Weeks 1 & 2

O N E | Watching "Guy on a Buffalo" on YouTube after Bible study.  *grin*

T W O | Sweet little spotted pony, Freckles.

T H R E E | New arrivals on the farm!

F O U R | Fresh duck eggs...so rich and delicious!  They're fabulous in baking!!

F I V E | Hallelujah!  The water to the sheep pen is on again!!

S I X | Sheepies

S E V E N | Playing Jenga with Hank and Alex.  33 layers.

 These past two weeks have been so delightfully wonderful!  Is it possible to die from happiness?

What changes has spring and April brought your way?  I want to know!


  1. Your new flock of ducks are beautiful and I love their pretty colored eggs in the nest! Is that a brown speckled one I see in the foreground? I've never seen an egg that color. The others are a pretty mint green and what appears as a light rose color. Very cool!

    So happy to hear that happiness has taken over your life!

  2. I am loving all the animal related pictures this week... Can't even chose a favorite!

    If it was possible to die from happiness, you probably would have been dead week before last Tasha!: ) Haha

  3. What precious photos! It is so nice to see how you capture special moments throughout the week or month! Love them! =D

  4. Winnie - The brown speckled one is actually a fake wooden egg to encourage them to lay in the box. Sometimes they leave their eggs in the oddest places. :)

    Maria - lol! That's true! ;)

    Ashley - I'm so glad you enjoy them!

  5. A little behind on my blog reading, but I always enjoy your photo a day posts! Seeing all the different things you've been up to is fun to read.

    Love the photo of the ducks and the that Jenga game looks fun. :)


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