April 8, 2014

March 2014 // Report Card

Katniss, one of my yearlings.
Photo a Day & Weekly Posting | A | I got a bit behind when my ewes were all lambing, but still managed to post each week.  So, not to bad. :)

While sorting and cleaning a closet I found my first doll!  She has such beautiful blue eyes.
Dance More | A+ |  I have definitely been dancing more!  I love it so much!  Especially when I'm dancing with Hank, who is an AMAZING dancer. :)

My mom's health has been improving so much these days!  Praise the Lord!
One Cross Stitch a Month | F | And this is just getting embarrassing...not giving up yet, but definitely not going to stress it.

Alex playing the piano while Dinah Raye sings.
Movie "Fast" on Sunday | C | I watched a few films on Sunday when my ewes were lambing.  I was too tired to do much of anything else.  That's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it.  Plus, I had a free trial from Netflix...can't let that go to waste, can I? *grin*

Buy Less Clothes | A | I bought a few things when I went thrifting with Kellie.  But we're talking THRIFT stores, people!  So, I still get an A. *wink*

At the Spin In.  So much beautiful wool.
Hope Chest | A++ | I bought three adorable Texas Ware plates on Etsy.  They're aqua blue with white dandelions.  So adorable!  Also, my Grandma Barb gave me a 40 piece china set for my birthday!  Talk about best present ever!!

Reading in front of the fireplace is my favorite. :)
Practice my Mandolin | F | *facepalm*  Now this, is truly embarrassing.

Keep up on House Cleaning | A + | Aside from getting a bit behind while the ewes were lambing, I've been sticking with the schedule.

Alex and our Assistant Pastor working on Alex's car.
Spend More Time in the Word | B | Towards the middle of the month I was having a lot of trouble focusing during my daily reading because I was so busy.  I hate it when that happens!  I cherish my morning Bible time so much, so it's good to finally be able to focus again.

Happy Trails!


  1. Natasha: Another great series of photos. I finally got to see Alex's Miata!

    Your Mom looks so beautiful. I'm so glad she is doing much better.
    In my prayers daily.


  2. March has been a bit of a crazy month... :/

    I love this idea of a monthly 'report card'... I might start doing that myself, just to keep track of my time and projects. :)

    *squeeee* You read Bodie Thoene! *hug* :P

  3. What a productive month!! I would say that all the work with lambing more than compensates for any of those areas that didn't get attention! At least that is how I would justify it.*wink*

    Ohhh, I love all that beautiful wool begging to be spun and made into something gorgeous.

    The photo of your mom and her improving health is wonderful!

  4. You're mother looks fantastic!!
    Wonderful, wonderful news.

  5. Will - His Miata is so cool and he's doing a great job fixing it!
    Thank you so much for your prayers!

    BatZion Francesca - A monthly report card is a good way to keep track of how your time is spent.

    I'm enjoying her books soooo much!! *hugs back*

    Winnie - That's about how I justify it, too. ;)

    Rachel - I'm so glad she's doing so much better. Praise the Lord!


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