August 20, 2013

Sunday Style // Parisian Peach

o u t f i t | stretch lace blouse // thrifted | brown tank top // thrifted {Chadwicks} | Parisian print skirt // thrifted | brown flats // thrifted | necklace // gifted

This outfit strikes me as having a vintage 20s vibe to it.  It's the dropped waist coupled with the pleated skirt, I think.  Last week two of my friends and I went thrifting.  And I really hit the jackpot this time, the lace blouse and brown tank being two of my many finds.  Most of the stores we shopped were having sales, too. Thrifting is already awesome, but when everything is also on sale??  Totes awesome!!

: :

I'm bringing home another critter this week!  Any guesses as to what kind of animal my new friend is?
Happy Trails!

here's a hint for you: it doesn't have hooves.


  1. I love your outfit. I really love the peach skirt.

    Hmmmmm. Doesn't have hooves. A bunny, guinea pig, dog, cat, chicken, duck, goose, or chupacabra. I don't know. Im going with bunny as my number 1 guess. I love this game.


  2. Hi Tasha from Helsinki , Finland!! Your new thrifted lace top is quite becoming with the peach skirt! Lovely combo at one incredible price! Love your hair too. Very vintage with the whole look and perfect for the summer days you have been having. New critter???? Mmmmmm, would it be a Puppy? A friend for Bonnie Belle?

  3. A bird? A Plane? Superman???? Ok, yeah, superman isn't an animal but he could be a friend. What is your new friend Natasha? Don't keep me in suspense!:)

    Such a pretty outfit! Love the color of your skirt. Such a shame I wasn't able to see it person.:( Some of my youngest siblings have whopping cough and I started to ever so slightly get it so decided I wouldn't share the love of it at church.:) I really like your lace shirt. I have been wanting to get a lace shirt but so far haven't found one.:(


  4. Haha Natasha, It just dawned on me that I included a plane in my guesses of what your new animal friend might be. Just to clarify I DON'T think a plane is an animal either. *smile*

    'nother hug,

  5. Super cute! The lace blouse is really pretty. :)

  6. Hurrah for thrifting! And sales! And friends!
    And Almond-Roca-Mocha. ;-)

    Love your outfit, Dahling. that lace blouse looks good on you, especially with your pretty peach skirt!

    And I can't guess your new friend's species because I already know. ;-) I will say this, though: Keep a close watch on your yarn from now on! :-P

    God bless,

  7. Cute outfit! It does have a very 20s feel to it! I love that skirt!

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  8. So adorable! The lace top worked out perfectly. And that bow is your hair...? Perfection:)

  9. sute poutfit!Am a huge fan of lace and all things vintage.

  10. LOVED your outfit last week!! Super cute. :) I also wanted to let you know that I tagged you over on my blog. :)


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