May 4, 2013

May the Fourth

Happy Star Wars Day, everyone!!
May the Fourth be with you...and may the oods be ever in your favor.  Oops, three of my fandoms just collided.  Stand back, there may be stray bits of awesomeness floating around. *wink*

Ever since my eight-year-old heart first fluttered at the sight of Han Solo |scoundrel extraordinaire|, I was deeply in love with Star Wars.  Fantastic characters, brilliant dialog, strange creatures, spaceships, beautiful costumes and hairstyles, lightsaber fights, the John Williams music score, a beautiful romance... *happy sigh*

Han Solo was my first movie crush, and he's still my favorite Star Wars character. Princess Leia is definitely my second favorite character.  What I like most about her, is that she's a strong girl character without being tainted by a feminist spirit.  She can shoot a blaster and defend herself, but she's not obnoxious about it.  If someone else can do the job better, she steps back and lets them.  I also love her costumes and hairstyles.  She's one of my "long hair" inspirations. *smile*

Han and Leia's romance is among my very favorite screen romances.  I think it's perfect that their romance doesn't take over, yet it never takes a back seat to the main story.  It's perfectly balanced.  And these two together??  Totes adorbs!!

Luke Skywalker.  There is no doubt about it, he is a very awesome character.  I never had a crush on him like I did Han, but I've always loved him.  He never gives up, and his loyalty to his friends and family is inspiring.  Love his lightsaber battles!  He looks good with a blaster, too.

Yoda, C-3PO, R2D2, Chewbacca, and the Ewoks are high on my list of favorites, but really, I just love all of the characters in Star Wars, even the bad ones.  They're all so much fun to watch!
And James Earl Jones as Darth Vader's voice?!  Epic.  I have the New Testament on tape read by James Earl Jones.  I fell asleep once while listening, and woke up scared out of my mind when I heard Darth Vader in my room, reading the book of James!  I don't listen to those right before bed anymore. *grin*

I can't quite decide which of the original trilogy is my favorite.  A New Hope probably...but then I watch The Empire Strikes Back...definitely my favorite...but wait, The Return of the Jedi is sooo good.
You know what, I just love all of them.

I admit to also enjoying some of the prequels, but they don't come anywhere close to comparing to the original trilogy.  Just sayin'.  I like them for the back story, Obi-Wan, and the costumes.  That's it.  Just had to get that confession off my chest.

I know what I'll be doing tonight - having my own private Star Wars marathon!!
Have a wonderful May Fourth, everyone!

Question: Do you watch Star Wars?  Who is your favorite character and which film is your favorite?  I want to know!

watch this.  because it's awesome.  and you cannot watch it too many times.

this Kid Snippets episode is hilarious.  you will not be sorry you watched it.  promise.

all images via my Pinterest Star Wars board.


  1. I think I've always had a crush on Lando... I love me a bad character that goes good. (Edmund, anyone?) Plus: he has a cape! :D
    I love the (rather one-sided) interactions between C-3PO and R2D2. I also liked Qui-Gon Jinn; but the prequels are really nothing like the original. Waaay too much going on, and not enough going on! Best used just to admire the costumes on Padawan's Guide. :D
    (Leia's hairstyles are fabulous, although she was not the first with the sidebuns as some would make you think. And I like her braided hairdos better anyway.)

  2. Han Solo all the way. He's been my favorite since the beginning and I highly doubt that his roguish ways will ever fail to charm me. :D Hmmmm, well, like you, I can never decide which movie is the best (out of the originals, of course... ;-). Possibly The Empire Strikes Back?! Oh, and that Kid Snippets episode is definitely one of my favorites. Soooo funny. :D Your marathon idea sounds wonderful... have fun!

  3. HAN SOLOOOOOOOO. Love. :)

    LOVE the kid snippet! "I don't wanna be your girlfriend!!!" LOLLLLL!!!

    Agree totally about the them totally for Obi Wan ;)

  4. Alright, I'll be honest. I've only seen the Star Wars movies once in my whole life. But I do love Harrison Ford. :) He is definitely the coolest person in those movies.
    Leia does have pretty hair. And she's such a cute actress...
    I should really watch them again. They're fun.

    By the way, I love your new header picture. It's awesome! :D


  5. I have had a gigantic crush on Han Solo ever since I first saw the trilogy...not too long ago, I'm ashamed to admit (I started my obsession when I saw Episode 1 in theaters when I was about five...Obi Wan was my first movie crush!). And I love Princess Leia, too...honestly, how could I not?(;
    I am very tempted to say that Chewie is my favorite character, I suppose I couldn't choose a favorite!

    I don't think I have a favorite of the first three films (I'd even go as far to say all six!)...they're all so amazing! I kinda just like to count them ALL as my favorite.(:

    Also...I love your new header! It's amazing.

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  6. haha. Did I write this? I couldn't have said any of this better myself! Han Solo was my first movie crush, also. And I love Princess Leia, too. And Luke. And Darth Vader. And I think we also have the New Testament narrated by James Earl Jones, too...

    I'm not overfond of the prequels...except for the costumes. and Obi-wan. Yep.

  7. Awesome post<3
    "I love you..." ..."I know."

    Just melts my little heart every. single. time.


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