December 11, 2012

It's awesome.

It's awesome...when you can step outside in your pink kitty pajamas and there are no neighbors to see or care.   And let me tell you, I really rock the mud boots, jim-jams, barn coat, bed-head look.  At least the chickens are impressed!

It's awesome...when you start to get up from the computer with your headphones still on, but you remember to take them off before you drag the speakers off the desk and onto the floor.

It's awesome...getting a letter from your friend who's currently in the Philippines working at a clinic as a midwife.  You can read about Sarah's adventures here!

It's awesome...watching The Swiss Family Robinson with your family and being able to quote every line almost word for word before the characters say it.  We've watched that movie more times than I can count, ever since we were little kids at Grandma's house.

It's awesome...remembering what a crush I had on Fritz (James MacArthur) when I was 8-years-old.  I still just love that character - he's so manly. ;)

It's awesome...driving in the rain.  Not torrential rain, just enough to count as rain.  I love it.

It's awesome...doing the dishes while your brother sits at the computer and reads you the rough draft of his latest kids book.   Talk about laughing so hard you can't breath.  My brother has such a talent for putting words together.

It's awesome...hanging Christmas lights from the ceiling in your basement "playroom".  They make it look so festive and special!  I just love twinkling lights.  I think they're my favorite decoration.

It's awesome...when the 94-year-old man at your church gives his testimony and then sings all four verses of How Great Thou Art during church.  It was so beautiful and he still has a great voice!

It's awesome...looking at the beautiful nativity scene your neighbor puts up every year.  It's so lovely in the snow.

It's awesome...when you're at a friends house and suddenly you find yourself part of a back-rub "train" with seven people in it, all giving each other back-rubs.  Yeah, we do things like that.

It's awesome...when you're at the same friends house and suddenly find your height and "wingspan" being measured and then helping to measure everyone else in the room.  The length of your wingspan is supposed to equal your height, and we wanted to see how many of us had long arms.  My wingspan is 3 inches longer than my height.   And yes, all of this took place after 9:00 at night...we were well on our way to an extreme case of the Midnight Sillies. ;)

Merry Christmas!

Question: What is one of the silliest things that you and your friends or family have done late at night?  I want to know!


  1. Swiss Family Robinson is one of my very favorite movies.(: hahaha, I had to giggle when I read about your crush on Fritz--I've always had quite a crush on him as well...ever since I first saw the movie. And I still get a sappy smile on my face whenever I see him in the movie...(;

    I love the idea of putting Christmas lights up in the basement.(: it sounds so pretty!

    Hehe, I get extremely slap-happy late at usually hits around ten or eleven, and I will laugh at just about everything and act like a total goof.(:


  2. Your It's Awesome posts are great.

    I like how you put your twinkle lights on the ceiling. All the Christmas lights in the windows this time of year make me happy. :)

    I know there are lots of funny things we've done at night, but I can't seem to remember any of them. All I can say is there's usually lots of laughter involved. ;)

  3. Lets seee...silly. Well a friends b-day is today...its 12-12-12...he's turning 12 and he's picking my little bro up for a party @ 12:12! I'd say that's pretty silly!!!!

    I'm having a HUGE GIVEAWAY!

  4. After my nine or ten-year-old self got over the fact that the movie was NOTHING like my beloved book, I fell in love with it for what it was... inaccurate pirate scenes, Fritz and all. :-) It's still one of my favorites, and even though my feelings aren't quite as strong as they once were, I still sigh a little when Fritz comes on screen (and try to figure out again why he likes Roberta so much... perhaps it's just plain 'ol jealousy, but I always thought that I would've been a much more suitable girl for him, if only he had known about me :-).

    I had a similar instance of "chicken coop outfit realization" yesterday. I was wearing my mom's fairly dressy black coat (the one hanging closest to the door, of course), my brother's huge snow boots, and sporting sweatpants that were absolutely covered in pieces of thread from my most recent sewing project, when I made my grand entrance into the coop with their water. And then I laughed and was thankful that they love me no matter what I'm wearing. :-)


    P.S I just noticed your "comments are my one weakness" note above the comment box here. Are you a Lark Rise fan? My sister, Mom and I have been watching it for the first time (in the midst of Series 2 now) and are totally loving it. :-)

  5. Ahh, yes, Swiss Family Robinson. We kinda grew up with that movie, too. Only I always felt sorry for poor Ernst (even if he was a bit full of himself). Roberta had much more in common with him than with Fritz!

    Question: What is one of the silliest things that you and your friends or family have done late at night? I want to know!

    Usually, we tend to burst out laughing at anything and everything, even if it's really not funny at all. :-P

    God bless,

  6. Hehe...I love how many of you also had a crush on Fritz. ;)

    Vicki - :grin: So do I! He's such a great character.
    lol. Yep, laughing at anything and everything. It's awesome;D

    Sereina - Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoy them:)
    Christmas lights are the best. Love them.

    Logan - Now that is cool! Lucky kid! ;)
    I'll be sure to checkout your giveaway!

    Tayler - I didn't read the book until after I'd seen the movie, but I love them both. I'm generally rather picky about book adaptations, but in this case I thought the pirates were an awesome addition to an already awesome story! :grin:
    lol. I know! I would have been much, much better for Fritz than Roberta! ;)
    Ah, the joys of farm life. Evem trips to the chicken coop can be an adventure.
    YES!!! My mom and I LOVE Lark Rise to Candleford! Definitely one of my favs. :)

    Tom - I must confess that I never felt sorry for Ernst, not when I was a child nor in recent years. This may or may not be due to the fact that Kellie and I have dubbed him "The Goon". We shriek "Goooon!" every time he comes on screen. Because we're weird like that. ;D


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