December 12, 2012

12/12/12 & New in the Shop

This is it folks - the last repeating date that any of us will see.


That makes me kind of sad.   I was going to do something really cool to commemorate this date...but I couldn't think of anything.  So, instead I'll share some new items from my shop.  Not sure if that's a good substitute or not, but nevertheless...

Three new colors of Ruffle Scarves!
real teal // deep purple // sage green

four feet of delicious ruffles

: :

And three new Granny Square Laptop Sleeves!
grey, yellow & lavender // mint green & perfect pink // lilac purple, lime green & aqua blue

Merry Christmas!

Make sure to hop over and check out Kellie's new Etsy shop, too!


  1. I know... it's become such a tradition to do something (be it simply yelling the date in the middle of a conversation) on those repeating dates every year. I remember we had a party on Jan 1, 2001, and it's been a part of my growing up;) :(...\

    Beautiful new products! I just love that purple button on the lilac purple, lime green & aqua blue sleeve. So plummy.

  2. I love those ruffle scarves!! The new colors are so rich and warm. I know I am enjoying wearing mine and can't wait to give my friend hers for Christmas!!


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