August 9, 2012

my huckleberry friend

The state fruit of Idaho.

My bro and I went huckleberry picking with our friends Mrs. G and Alyssa last week.

It was an absolutely perfect day.
What could be better than roaming the shaded forest trails picking berries while chatting with good friends?

Thankfully we're all capable of picking and talking at the same time, or we wouldn't have had hardly any berries!  Our topic of conversation ranged from food, to unity within the church, to family, and then back to food.  Actually, we spent an amazing amount of time talking about food.  Everything from sushi to baklava.
It was awesome:)

Me...and my alarmingly brightly colored water bottle.  Whoa - someone pass out the sunglasses!

Huckleberries range in color from red to deep purple to blue.  They're absolutely lovely...

...and boy, are they delicious!

Tired feet...

After 4 1/2 hours of picking, my finger tips were stained a lovely purple-y red...with quite a bit of dirt mixed in, actually.  *shrugs*

But my aching back, stained fingers, and tired feet were well worth these...

Together, my bro and I brought home 1 and 3/4 gallons of berries, which are now safely stashed away in the freezer waiting to be turned into delicious jams, cobblers, syrups, pies, and whatever else we can think of!

I just wish I could share some with y'all.  Then again...alright! everyone stay back!!  These are MY huckleberries!  Don't even look at them!   Welll, you can look at them, but stay at least 3 feet away at all times.  I've got a frying pan, and I know how to use it.  That's better...

Happy Trails, everyone;) 


  1. Do huckleberries taste like blueberries? They look so similar!We don't have huckleberries in Florida so this is new to me. No doubt they will make a delicious anything!! Pancakes anyone this weekend with warm huckleberry syrup?

  2. Very nice post Natasha.

    I sometimes have the hardest time with the song title "Blackberry Blossom." Frequently it comes out as "Strawberry Blossom," although a few times it's been "Huckleberry Blossom." The tune is the same regardless.

  3. Lovely, lovey huckleberries... the woods down there are so beautiful, too!
    And love the song:)

  4. Moon River is one of my favorite songs...(: and I love huckleberries! We used to buy huckleberry syrup for pancakes, and there was a restaurant around here that specialized in pastries and pancakes and things with huckleberries. Yum!

    Ooh--and I just noticed that awesome gif of the Doctors on the side of your blog! I love it!


  5. Mmmmm! Those look delicious! I've only had the little red huckleberries before, since that's what grows around here. Oh, and I love the song Moon River! I have at least 3 different versions of it.

  6. Aah, I miss having legit forests around... and those huckleberries are making me hungry!
    Newest follower, btw :) Drop by and say hello sometime!

    Of Thoughts and Things

  7. Winnie - Huckleberries are similar to blueberries, but a bit more tart. Ooh, they do taste wonderful on pancakes!!

    Mr. Dane - Hehe, I get confused on song titles a lot, too, especially Blackberry Blossom. :)

    Kellie - I knew you would. *grin*

    Vicki - Mine, too! It really doesn't get any better than huckleberries. There's always a booth selling everything huckleberry you can think of at the fair, and I usually splurge on a milkshake or lemonade. :)

    Sereina - They are delicious! We have both little red and larger blue huckleberries up here, but they're all good:) I have several versions of Moon River, too. Love that song.

    Ashley Kristine - A very warm welcome to my newest follower! Looking forward to 'seeing' you around:)


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