August 23, 2012


Last week was crammed full of fun and business.  Kellie and I had a marvelous time at Pickin' on the Prairie.   As Kellie said everything I wanted to say in her post (and as I didn't take any pictures), you can read her post here.

David Tennant sings.  The end.

Also, I really, really, really want to see Catherine and David in Much Ado About Nothing.  They're so great together.

I went for a lovely little ride on my Bobby boy this morning.  Just hopped on him bareback and took off, with the Bonnie dog trailing along behind.  About 30 minutes later, I remembered why I don't usually ride him bareback without a bareback pad - he's got the most uncomfortable, bony back ever.  I think I'll be walking funny for a few days...but it was so worth it.

Dewey, my bro's horse, has been getting the royal treatment here lately.  He shed the frog (sole) of his hoof, and being the big, flat footed, tender foot that he is, he got sore feet.  (shedding the frog is normal, btw)  Tom, our farrier, recommended soaking his hooves twice a day for a while to prevent abscesses.  So, every morning and evening Dewey's had his front feet soaked.  15 min. per foot in warm water and epsom salts.  He's feeling very special and is definitely on the mend.

As much as I hate to admit it, it's definitely starting to feel and smell like Autumn here.  There's an unmistakable crispness in the morning and evening air.  *cringe*  Noooooo!!!  I love Autumn, it's my favorite season, but I'm not ready for summer to be over yet!  However, I am looking forward to pulling out my sweaters, scarves and hats again.  There's always a bright side:)

My brother was at the fair today selling and signing his books and playing with his Bluegrass band.  He and Christopher (one of my "extra" brothers) came home with pizza and donuts.  We ate them while watching Megamind.  The perfect way to wrap up our day.

Speaking of the fair, I'm looking forward to going this year.  I'd love to catch the rodeo, especially since I haven't gone for the past few years.  The jokes some of the clowns were telling were rather crude and vulgar last time I went, and I haven't been brave enough to go since.  But, I'm feeling brave this year.  I love a good rodeo:)

Happy Trails, y'all!


  1. I love riding bareback! I haven't been able to do so yet this summer because I've hardly had any time to spend with my mare and she'll need some review work before I can do bareback, so we don't have any, um, accidents. :)

    I'm not ready for the summer to end either!

    Rodeos are so much fun!!

  2. Who'd have known David could sing?(: I do love those two together...and I really want to watch the play! If I wasn't such a penny-pincher, I'd probably buy it. Maybe one of these days. Have you seen the little video of him singing 500 miles? That made me giggle...that smile of his! :P
    I'm feeling like a big Whovian today since I finished making a TARDIS shirt, which actually turned out pretty well, and made me wish for a DW marathon.(:

    Anyway! Riding bareback sounds incredible...hopefully you're not too sore in the coming days! I love horses...perhaps one day I'll be able to ride one!

    I agree! Summer seems as though it's been overly short this year...I'm not ready for it to be over yet!

    Ooh, and donuts, pizza, and Megamind do sound like a good way to wrap up the day. For me, it was jumbo marshmallows and a David Niven movie with my sisters. And now some Doctor Who.(:


  3. Tasha~ You and Kellie had the cutest booth ever at the Pickin on the Prairie event!It all looked so professional while maintaining that "prairie home" feel. Once photo of an outfit had a skirt, your bow belt, a lace collar blouse and your adorable purse was so fabulous! The first thing that came to my mind was what an ideal back to school outfit for some lucky girl! Totally adorable. I am happy that you and Kellie also had just a great time including an impromptu book signing with the author! grin! Ahhh fall, if only it would be possible soon for me. Nope! Hurrican barreling up the Carribbean set to strike, more heat, more rain(this week we have been drowning!), rivers are at flood stage now, more flooding, more mosquitoes with West Nile Virus.................more summer! UGH! When you feel that crispness in the air, do a little happy dance for me. OK?

  4. The pics on Kellie's blog were too adorable! Man, wish I lived closer!

    And that singing...made my week. Still listening to it. Happy sigh. :)

  5. Oh dear! I hope you don't walk too funny for too long. Riding bareback without a pad does sound a bit painful. Oh, and I never knew that shedding the frog was a normal thing with horses? You learn something new all the time! What does the frog look like? The one that the horse shed. :P Yes, that's a strange question, but I'm always curious about anything that has to do with horses.

  6. ah I AM TOTALLY looking forward to fall! I wish signs of fall were showing around here! It's still so hot and dry here!

    & I think I'll go to the fair this year too-- Good idea!

  7. Miss Melody Muffin - Bareback, um, accidents are never fun. ;)

    Vicki - Is there anything he can't do? If I suddenly found out he could yodel, I wouldn't be surprised. Welll, maybe a bit;)
    Ooh, a TARDIS shirt?! Please share pictures on your blog!!!

    Your evening sounds like it was awesome, too:)

    Winnie - We think are booth was pretty cute, too:)
    Oh, a hurricane doesn't sound like much fun! I hope it doesn't do too much damage.
    I will definitely do a happy dance for you;)

    Alexandra - We both wish you lived closer, too! Seriously! That, would be awesome=)
    Oh yes, I've listened to that song soooo many times. Love it.

    Purity Leigh - I'm happy to say that I've fully recovered and am no longer walking funny. *grin*
    Hmm, well it's a bit hard to explain what the shed frog looks like...basically, the sole of the hoof and specifically the frog just sort of start to peel up. The farrier usually trims it off when he shoes the horse.

    Mikelle Jade - Hello there, I think you're new here:) Welcome! I hope you have/had a marvelous time at the fair! I certainly did:)

  8. Natasha, I awarded you!

    Have a beautiful day!


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