January 23, 2012

Movie Review: The Great Escape

All looks as it should, with the prisoners of war wandering quietly about the compound at Stalag Luft III - a special prisoner of war camp built specifically to keep the best POW airmen escape artists from doing just that. 

Yes, all is quiet...unless you were to go 30 feet under huts 123, 122 and 104.  Those are the huts which house Tom, Dick and Harry.
Who are Tom, Dick and Harry?
Perhaps you should ask what are Tom, Dick and Harry.
Why, they're tunnels, old boy!
And they're progressing rather nicely right now, all aimed towards the woods on the other side of the camp fence.
Aimed for escape and freedom.

The true story of the 1944 mass escape from the German prisoner of war camp Stalag Luft III, based on the book by Paul Brickhill, a prisoner in the camp, although he didn't participate in the actual escape.  Seventy six men escaped that night.  Seventy three were recaptured, and fifty of those gallant men were shot by the Gestapo.  Only three made it to England and freedom.  The book and the film are dedicated to the fifty.

Like the book, the film (1963) covers the planning, execution and aftermath of the escape.  The creativity and ingenuity of the men in the camp is incredible.  The cleverly hidden tunnel trap doors, not to mention the wire cutters, picks, air pumps for the tunnels, forged passes and identity cards, civilian clothing from uniforms, etc. all made from items scrounged around the camp, and stolen or traded from the Germans.   Full of excitement, narrow squeaks and some of the best movie lines ever, you will not want to miss The Great Escape.

Plus, it's starring Steve McQueen (*squeal*), and you won't want to miss his amazing motorcycle ride!

Happy watching, folks!


  1. "Good luck..." "Thanks!" *gasp*

    Perfectly marvelous, dear;)

  2. Steve McQueen rocks. That's all that matters.


  3. Squeal!!! The Great Escape is one of our VERY favorite movies!! And, you are absolutely right... it has some of the best lines in movie history (I'm sure of that). Oh, and Steve, how can you beat him??!! *swoon*

    1. @Achaia - Love, love, love The Great Escape!! Nope, you can't beat Steve. He's the cutest, most awesome guy ever. The end. ;)


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