January 27, 2012

Crocheted Creations: Ruffle Scarf Pattern

I decided it was about time to share a few crochet patterns that I've created with y'all.
This first one is a deceptively simple crochet project, but the end result is a wonderfully feminine and stylish...

As seen in my Etsy shop.

Skill level: beginner/easy - must know how to chain and double crochet
Yarn: approximately 1/2 a skein of Red Heart Super Saver
Hook size: K
Stitch abbreviations: ch (chain), dc (double crochet)

Row 1: ch 123
Row 2: turn and dc in each ch across. 
ch 3 and turn.
Row 3: 2 dc in each dc of previous row (increase).
ch 3 and turn.
Row 4: repeat previous increase row.
Tie off and weave in ends.


And viola!  A ruffle scarf!
This pattern works up very quickly - I can make three a day...as long as my wrists hold out, that is. ;)

Let me know if you make one using my pattern!

Also, if you wish, feel free to make and sell these scarves in your Etsy shop. 
All I ask is that you share the love and link back to me.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Sweet! Someday I need to try crocheting again, and make one of these;)

  2. I love this pattern, but I was wanted to know if you have two scarves in the picture, mine is to short to wrap around twice. Please let me know, maybe I did something wrong. Thank you, carolynw

  3. Carolyn - Thanks for commenting! I'm glad you're enjoying the pattern:)
    There's only one scarf in the picture. I'm not sure what could have gone awry with yours, but first I'd make sure you used the same size hook (K) and the same weight of yarn I used (worsted weight). Aside from that, I can't think of what could have gone wrong.
    Let me know if that helps!:)


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