December 1, 2011


My brother very graciously shared his cold/flu with me (my mum did teach us to share), so I've been sick in bed for the last few days.  However, being sick in bed has it's compensations.  In between taking naps, blowing my nose and taking nasty concoctions and pills supplied by my dad, I've been watching comfort movies.

Comfort movies are those special films that I've watched ever since I can remember - The Adventures of Robin Hood, The Swiss Family Robinson, Herbie, The Three Lives of Thomasina, and Mary Poppins.

I just had to share this delightful musical number with Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke with you...enjoy:)

And now I'm going to go crawl back into my cave and blow my nose some more...

Happy Trails!:)


  1. Nothing like a good comfort movie :) And your blog is making me a fan of purple too. So cute!

  2. one of my favorite movies too...I love the part where he dances with the penguins! :D

    Hope you get well soon!

  3. I never saw Mary Poppins until last year, but it's now one of my favorites! I love all the songs, especially Chim chim Cher-ee. Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews are two of my favorites as well.

    Oh, and thanks for the sweet comment you left on my last post. It made me smile. :)

  4. I believe that everyone needs a little Mary Poppins in their life. :)

    We share sicknesses in our family as well, and I'm normally the chief giver of illnesses.:)

  5. Icky POOH! Hope you feel better soon; being sick is the pits.

    Hee, I like to watch childhood favorite movies, too, when I'm sick. When you feel crummy, folks tend to be too sorry for you to ask, "Aren't you a bit old for that?" :-P

    God bless, and get well soon!
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  6. Thank you all for your get well wishes! I am feeling so much better today=)

    @Joanne - I'm pleased that my blog is making you a fan of the great and glorious color purple! :grin:

    @Constance - The penguin dance is one of my favorites!:)

    @Sereina - Mary Poppins is a treasure. I'm so glad my comment made you smile:)

    @Amanda - I couldn't agree more! Everyone does need some Mary Poppins in their life.

    @Wild Rose - teehee I watch many movies that most would call "kids" movies. I sometimes wonder what the librarians think when I check out Veggie Tales;)

  7. You gota be kidding me, Mary Poppins? That's where I draw the line...



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