December 30, 2011

The day after Christmas...

We grabbed our Christmas candy, warmed up the car, and drove over to the A's house for an afternoon of...

Oh, yeah!!

"Snakes.  Why did it have to be snakes?"

Harrison Ford is awesome.  Just sayin'...

We watched in awe, laughed (Bang!), and ate our candy.
Also some delicious chips and dip made by Mrs. A and nummy cookies.

Matthew's GIANT peppermint stick.  
It's going to take him a long time to whittle that down to size...and might possibly cost him his teeth in the process.

After our movie was over, we played In a Pickle.
If all games must have a point and must make sense at all times, then this is not the game for you.
It's the perfect game for us, though.


I win!!

Me! =)
Absolutely one of the most fun afternoons of my life!
I'm thinking that we might have to make this a day-after-Christmas tradition.  
What do you think?


  1. Yeah. Indiana is awesome. In a Pickle is awesome. My pepermint stick is awesome. And I'm awesome.


  2. And you're so very humble, too. I like that. ;)

  3. Oh, my word, yes. Who doesn't like Indiana Jones? :)


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