June 7, 2014

Photo a Day // June // Week One

O N E | Whovians, you know. 

T W O | Getting the house ready for my Grandma Barb and Aunt Liz to visit!  I can't wait!! *big grin*

T H R E E | Sorting through drawers and finding a bunch of my 4-H dog and horse show ribbons.  I was hoping to clear some of them out, but I don't really want to throw any of them away.  Any creative upcycle ideas for award ribbons out there?

F O U R | Sheep shearing with Hank.  Incidentally, the ram he's shearing here is the daddy of my lambs.

F I V E | A neat Chevy truck at one of the places Hank sheared.

S I X | I cleaned up Dewey and took some pictures.  Hopefully we'll have him sold and at a good home soon.

S E V E N | Hank and his nieces. *smile*

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  1. I still have my special horse show ribbons in a box in my keepsake container. I just couldn't part with the ones that had special meaning to me. Maybe you can find a way to relocate yours for posterity!


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