June 13, 2014

Adventurous. Also, wimpy.

So, what's with the post title?  Adventurous and wimpy?  Yup, that's me in a nutshell.  That's what my bro tells me and, frankly, it's quite true.  I admit it, without shame.  It's just the way I am.  I would be ashamed if it weren't for the fact that I do do things that I'm scared to try.  Example: shooting a shotgun.

Ooh, yeah.  Shooting is fun!  Especially with my young man grinning at me every time I hit the targets. Which makes me grin just thinking about him grinning at me.  Which is very wonderful, indeed. *grin*

Hank shot the 12 gauge first to show me how much it would kick since I was a bit, shall we say...concerned? And, because he's such a sweet and wonderful guy, Hank showed me exactly how to place my feet and hold the gun so I wouldn't wind up on my rear, admiring the beautiful clouds above.  I like him.  He's nice.  Really nice...  *sappy smile* Okay...and moving on.

We were shooting in the small valley behind our house that has been designated "the shooting range", and Alex joined us with his .22 rifle.  Which was awesome.

The arsenal for the day - 20 gauge shotgun, .22 bolt action with a scope, .22 lever action (my favorite), plus the .22 semi-automatic pistol and the 12 gauge shotgun.

It was fun shooting the shotguns, sorta...okay, I really didn't enjoy that except for Hank being so proud of me and the fact that I actually did it.  I did it!  But I still prefer the .22 rifle.

Setting up the targets again.  We had everything from legitimate store bought swinging targets, to rocks sprayed with paint, to cans on top of bushes.  Plenty of variety and plenty of fun!  The cans are my favorite to shoot, although the swinging targets are pretty cool.

Look Squeakie, I killed a weed! Not an actual Hank quote, but basically...yeah, he killed a mullein weed.  And he calls me Squeakie because my voice sounds so high and squeaky on the phone.  I rather like it...in fact, I like it a lot.  Basically, I like everything he calls me...except he's not allowed to call me "babe".
Not ever.  He did once...  Silly boy. 

Also, doesn't he look so cute with his glasses?  I think so. *smile*

Do I feel safe and protected?  You bet your boots I do!

And I have a surprise for you...a vlog!  Enjoy!

Have you ever shot a shotgun?  Would you, given the chance?  I want to know!


  1. I have shot a gun. My dad told me how to shoot as soon as I was big enough to hold a gun. I also enjoy hunting with my dad during the different hunting seasons.

  2. Haha...oh Tasha *happy sigh... Awesome post....and photos... ;)
    I like 'Squeakie'...but am curious about the whole 'Babe' thing..I don't mind it..
    Love you sis!!

  3. You two are so cute together. Seriously. :)

  4. Yep, have been shooting my entire life and shot competitively in 4-H. I've been dove hunting since I got married and it's the first shotgun hunting I've ever done. I'm terrible but I keep trying. Now hunting with a rifle is my speciality.
    And yall are too cute. The end.

  5. Aw!! This is so cute!! I was smiling the whole time. I can totally relate: .22s are DEFINATLY not as scary as shotguns. Ive only had shotgun expereance a handful of times and yeah, "I don't like it." But that vlob seriously brightened my day!!!


  6. Out of the handful of guns I've shot...I loved the shotgun kinda the most. Much power. I think I like explosions believe it or not. Go big or go home, right?
    I did, also, have to watch how much the kick was and how loud before doing it myself ;) Adventurous but wimpy...brothers.
    Cute video!

  7. I am glad you and Hank are finding fun things to do together! Do you think he would be open to having a lesson on how you create and stock your Etsy store? Kinda trade outdoors for a home business lesson? You feel protected and he learns that his girl has some business smarts? Earning money and running a small store is more complicated than one thinks and there is lots to share about how and why it works. Shoot a gun? Never had the chance.

  8. The 12-guauge shotgun is definitely one of my favorite guns EVAH. Well, that and the 357 Magnum revolver. I've always had a thing for revolvers. :) It looks like you had fun!!


  9. You girls sure enjoy your guns! Love it!! :D

    Carissa - Sounds like fun!

    Sarah - To me personally, babe sounds degrading. It's just how I see it. :)
    Love you, too!

    Kristin - Aww, thanks:)

    Lana - Wow, sounds like you've definitely had experience with shooting!
    Thanks for saying so! I think we're pretty cute, too. :)

    Abigail - I'm so glad we made your day brighter!

    Rachel - lol! I guess I'm not really into big explosions. ;)
    Ah yes, brothers. What would we do without them?! ;D

    Winnie - Oh, yes indeed! No matter what we're doing, it's fun:) Hank has already been initiated into the inner workings of my shop. I think he likes it:)

    Reyna Nicole - I enjoyed shooting Hank's 357 revolver. Revolvers are pretty cool. Oh yes, lots of fun!

  10. Now that you've experienced shooting a shotgun you ought to find a skeet and trap field somewhere nearby and try shooting clay targets. It's such fun!

    p.s. I don't know if you received this memo before, but you've been tagged! Head on over to this link to learn more: http://purityleigh.blogspot.com/2014/06/tagged-tv-shows-famous-cities-punching.html
    (if you don't have the time to do it or you don't want to, that's fine!).

  11. I shoot with my dad and brothers all the time and I love it! :)

  12. Can't even handle how cute you guys are, especially in that last shot. And go Tasha! Shooting is not for the faint of heart. I hate it when the boys challenge me to shoot something that kicks a lot. Because of course then I have to do it, but man, those huge shotguns are not easy on the shoulders!

    Anyway. Back to how cute you guys are: it's ridiculous.

    That is all.

    Over and out.

    - Cuz

  13. Ah. I don't like "baby" or "babe", either... neither do I like the words they are usually translated into Czech with. Right there with you with "degrading"!

    It's so fun to read about your exploits... I've only shot the pellet gun previously mentioned. the large one was less fun than the handgun; not so much because of the recoil (because that's probably not a concern with airsoft), rather because it just seemed too heavy for me to hold properly. I guess it wasn't all that heavy, but no one showed me exactly how to do it as Hank did for you (there were many people trying it out, so there wasn't much time for individual lessons), so my guess may not have been the best.

  14. Adorable, and adorable. And next time, call me. ;D

    The 357 Mag is awesome, and I hope to give my opinion on a 12-guauge soon…;) but my favorite to date is the Winchester .30.30. Now that's fun.

    You guys… yurgh. That third pic from the top is perfection and needs to go on the wall. Reminds of the Tom Lovell Target Practice painting, which is one of my favorites. <3

  15. Purity Leigh - We actually have a clay pigeon thrower, so I might have to give that a try!
    And thank you so much for tagging me! I wish I had time to do tags, but right now I just done. Thanks again!

    Adah - I love it, too!

    Abbie - Cuz!!!! :D No, they are not easy on the shoulders.
    Aww...if Cuz says we're ridiculously cute, then I know it's true. ;D
    Love you!

    Hana-Marmota - Pellet guns are fun! And I still enjoy shooting my bro's BB gun. :)

    Kellie - Will do. ;)
    That's my favorite, too! :D


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