March 8, 2013

Treasured // Springtime

Here in the mountains of North Idaho, a battle is being waged.  Spring so desperately wants to make an appearance, but Winter keeps sticking her tongue out and holding Spring back.  On Sunday everything was melting...then it snowed again...and melted again...and snowed again...right now it's melting...again.  
I can see dirt and it's 40*F outside - keep on fighting, Spring!

In the midst of this struggle between the elements, this lovely treasury was like feeling a sweet spring breeze.

: : Featured Product : :

Purple, Grey & Mustard Granny Square Laptop Sleeve // Wool & What-not


If you're thinking that I stole this fantastic treasury idea from Kellie, then let me tell you something...
You're absolutely correct!  But she doesn't mind me stealing her ideas. ;)


  1. I think it's a lovely idea. I might "steal" it myself! And it's a lovely treasury. The deep purple and gold color combination is stunning.

  2. This is :STUNNING!: So lovely! The perfume and the floral still life add such a chic feel:)


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