March 9, 2013

Saturday Matinee | no. 5

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Get Smart | It's Control versus Kaos in this show from the 60s.  Tag along with Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 as they solve crimes and prevent Kaos.  Whether by design or accident (more often than not), the fight for niceness instead of evil always prevails.
This is 60s TV at it's finest.  Hilarious dialog, great catch phrases, and humorous spoofs, not to mention some great comedic acting!  I rarely think about it, but Don Adams and Barbara Feldon are quite possibly my favorite screen couple ever.  Really, the chemistry between those two at Max and 99 is fantastic.  And who can resist a great spy show?  I love how classy 99 is - what a style icon!  
My mom grew up watching Get Smart, and has passed on her love for this show to my brother and me.  I find it hard to believe, but it's even funnier now that I'm an adult!  I get a lot more of the jokes, and the ones I did get as a child are twice as funny now.  There are a few episodes with content that my mom didn't let as watch as children.  Watching it now, it's completely harmless.  I guess I'd give this show an overall PG rating.  It's well worth watching!

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And that's all I have time for today...which is ood, I mean odd considering I haven't really left the house this week.  Okay, so I'm lazy. ;)  Anyone want reviews for Bride Wars and Fantastic 4 next week?

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!


  1. Get Smart was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I'll always love it. And I was obsessed with Max/99 also - they are an adorable couple.

  2. I love this show so much!!! It's just hilarious, and I love 99's style.

  3. Yep, I grew up with Get Smart too! We watched it every week and laughed all the time. I should watch them again just for grins!

  4. I love Get Smart! 99 was so cute and classy!! :)

  5. And I totally need to see them with you sometime soon:)

  6. Hee! We've been going through at our place, too, "Annnnnd...LOVING it!" ;-)

    There are some innuendos now and then, but yeah, TV in general we a lot cleaner back then. (The only episode I can't recommend is "Pussycats Everywhere"--the "pussycats" being scantily-clad of which is a male agent in disguise. Ugh.) And yes--on the whole, 99's wardrobe is pretty classy. I especially like her yellow knitted jumper with the crocheted collar and hem. :-)

    God bless,

  7. Well, judging from your recommendation plus those in the comments, I'll have to check this out. :D Also, I'd be very interested in the reviews you mentioned. I haven't seen either of those movies and I'd particularly like to find out if Fantastic 4 is worth watching (if it's the one I'm thinking of... with Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd?).

  8. Green Medallion - They sure are!:)

    Lauren - 99 has a great style, and I heard that Barbara Feldon got to keep all of her clothes from the show! How awesome is that?!

    Winnie - You should watch them again! Definitely worth it:)

    Kellie - Indeed she is!

    Kellie - Yes, you do. Very soon. They're perfect watching for early spring, in my opinion. ;)

    Tom - "Sorry about that, Chief!" I think one of my favorite episodes is Stake-out at Blue Mist Mountain. Love it when Max deactivates the bomb with his tie. ;D
    Yes, that's the episode we were never allowed to watch. Aside from that one, I really can't think of any other "bad" episodes, just some mild innuendo now and then.
    I love that outfit, too! I love it when she wears her red newsie hat, too.

    Tayler - Yes, you would love it!!
    Alrighty, I'll definitely have to watch Fantastic 4 and share a review this week. Yes, that's the one:)


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