October 25, 2011

New in the shop...

For the last few days and nights - I'm a night owl and stay up indecently late - I've been busily working on new items for the shop...and watching the appropriate amount of movies.  

Crocheting and movies - it's how I roll.

 Though these are not colors I would usually work with, I love the way the gray, mustard yellow and powder blue look together!

Mixing and matching colors is one of my greatest delights.

Here's the custom sleeve I was working on.  I think it turned out really well.

Purple and Pink - my favorite colors:)

As I was packaging up the custom sleeve today, I had an idea.
Custom stickers.
It would be awesome to have my very own Wool & What-not stickers!

I've been looking around for an Etsy shop that sells custom stickers and found several that look good.
Anyone bought custom stickers from Etsy before?  Any shops that you recommend?

Well, I'm off to the post office and the library...

Have a lovely afternoon and evening!



  1. Your crocheted items are lovely! I recenlty learned how to crochet and hope to make hats, squares, ect. in the future...so your blog is very inspiring!

    God Bless.........

  2. Constance,
    Thank you! Oh, how fun! I'm sure you'll be creating lovely crocheted items in no time=) I love to crochet and I'm so glad my blog is inspiring you.

  3. I think I was there when you took those pictures. No?
    How late were you staying up to? Does it beat my record of 4:30? =)


  4. Ani,
    Yep, you were there when I was taking the pictures. Do you feel special?
    2:30 - I think my record is 4:30-5ish in the morning, but I feel like a zombie the next day if I stay up that late, so I don't...usually;)

  5. I've done a 5:00 morning just recently, and another one at fair time. And I'm not crazy about them.

  6. P.S.
    That chair/sofa/whatever in your header...totally drool-worthy.



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