October 28, 2011


It's pouring rain outside right now.  
I was just out there feeding the animals and spent a considerable amount of time stumbling around the upper pasture trying to locate our three llamas and my pet sheep Calvin.
In the dark. 
Stumbling because of course I didn't have a flashlight.  Why would I need a flashlight when it's dark?  
I mean, really?  
Ok, so I'm not very bright...no pun intended;)  
I also didn't utualize the hood so conveniently attached to my jacket so I am rather wet, to put it mildly.
And I gave up on trying to find the llamas and Calvin.  If they want to stay out in the pasture when it's raining, they can.  A bit of dampness won't hurt them and there are trees for shelter.

The rest of my flock of sheep are at a friend's house visiting his ram for a month.  Sometime around April we'll have a new crop of lambs bouncing about.  I can't wait:)

Alex and I had a lovely evening at a friend's Inspirational Harvest Party this evening.  Taco salad (oh, yum), good fellowship, wonderful singing, and a short "sermon" by one of the dads.   At least, I assume it was short - we had to leave early cause my dad wanted us home by 9:00.  Bummer.

But, I had the opportunity to wear my new coat for the first time...
My mom bought me this vintage trench coat on Etsy.  It's purple-ish/pink-ish.  I LOVE it =D
The wonderful Christian lady who owns the shop sent such a lovely note along with it.
She lifted me up and encouraged me.  
Isn't it wonderful how we're connected to other believers through Christ, even if we've never met them?  
It's awesome.

I just watched "Secretariat" again.  Absolutely beautiful movie.

This is seriously cracking me up...

There's nothing more appropriate on a chilly autumn day than a hot bowl of soup.  I've been going crazy making soup lately - potato, rice & mushroom, onion, and I'm going to try beet soup tomorrow night.  With sour cream.  It doesn't get any better than that.

Have a lovely Friday evening everyone!
Watch a fun classic film for me, ok?;)


  1. You wouldn't possibly consider sharing your beet soup recipe would you? We grew a ton of beets this year and I'm looking for ways to use them. :) Please? :)

    Love the scary movie quote! :)

    signed -the girl who's tired of eating beets in her salad. :)

  2. Oooh! I love soup too :). Some of my favorites are cream of potato and cream of broccoli. Both with lots and lots of cheese in it... because I'm such a sucker for cheese :).

    Happy Saturday!


  3. Amanda ~ I will definitely share the beet soup recipe! Beet soup is so good:)

    Moe ~ Ooh, cream of broccoli sounds so yummy! I'm going to have to find a recipe for that. I'm a sucker for cheese, too. My family teases me about it;)

    Have a lovely Saturday, ladies!

  4. That second picture gives a whole new meaning to the term "Spring Lamb"! Too cute.

    And that scary movie quote--LOL! "Want a sandwich?" Ooh-ha!

    Don't forget minestrone! That's one of the highlights of Wintertime for me--I get to make my all-time favorite soup EVER, and nobody complains that it's too hot for soup. :-P

    And I'm glad to see I'm not the only cheese-freak in the world. ;-) Hee!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

    Hope your llamas and Calvin were OK.

  5. Ah, minestrone! I don't think I've ever had that kind of soup, actually. I'll definitely have to try it! Maybe you could share your recipe? =)

    Another cheese-freak! Awesome;)


    P.S. Yes, they were just fine:)

  6. Well, if it isn't your old cousin... skulking over, tail between her legs, filled with shame and chagrin...

    It's a wonder she dares to show her face anywhere, what with being the WORST blog reader/commenter IN THE WORLD and all.

    Thankfully, even when she doesn't return phone calls for 87 years, she knows she is loved unconditionally by her wonderful, hilarious, awesome, beautiful cousin who lives WAY too far away...


    Beautiful blog you've got here :) I like.

  7. Well, if it ain't my wonderful, hilarious, awesome, beautiful Cuz...finally! ;)

    87 years may be a slight exaggeration...
    I know. I do live way too far away. So do you. :(
    I sure do miss you! And love you!!

    Glad you like the new blog=)


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