August 17, 2011

my love affair with vintage books

I don't usually make impulsive decisions. 
I like to think things through and then, and only then, make a logical (and, ahem, economical) decision.
But...some things are just too hard to resist.
Especially vintage books.
They're my one weakness.
I just now splurged and bought two lots of vintage Nancy Drew books on Etsy.
Oh Etsy!  How you do tempt me!  How I love you!  How I hate you!
Ahem, moving on...
They are beautiful, are they not?
Lavender covers...mmhmm.  Yes, please.
There are two mysteries in each volume and I bought six volumes.
My mom said go for it...
So I did.
What else could I do?  I always do what my mommy says.

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