July 29, 2011

There's a chipmunk on my hood!

I'm driving down the road, headed into town for a day of shopping and an eye doctor appointment.
Singing along with the Andrews Sisters, a sudden movement under the hood of my car catches my eye.  As I stare (with eyes bugging out and mouth hanging open, no doubt) a chipmunk's head appears and suddenly I find myself in a most astonishing predicament.
I'm driving down the road with a chipmunk on my car hood! 
A very confused and frightened chipmunk with fur whipping in the wind.
As soon as I possibly could, I pulled over to the side of the road.  
Chipmunk and girl stared at each other through the glass. 
In approximately two seconds, I decided three things...
  1. This is a highly unusual situation.
  2. A chipmunk capering about in front of the windshield is a major distraction.
  3. I had to get him off my car.
Just how I was going to do that, I wasn't sure.  I opened my door...and he immediately popped back under the hood.  Ok, shooing him off was apparently not going to work.  Time for a phone call.
"Alex, this is Tasha.  I have a chipmunk on the hood of my car."
"Yes, really!  I don't know how he got there, but I tried to shoo him off and he went back under the hood...and he won't come out!  What should I do?!"
*Alex asks dad what I should do*
"Dad says to just keep going."
"Uh...it's kind of distracting having this chipmunk on my hood."
"Hmm...okay, we'll come and help you out."
After telling him where I was and hanging up, I went back to watching the chipmunk, who was once again on my hood. 
Then I called Kellie to tell her I had a chipmunk on my hood.  It was just too good to keep to myself;)
Right after I hung up, the chipmunk decided it was time to abandon ship, so he jumped off the side of the car and into the bushes. 
Whew!  Thank you for fixing that problem, Lord!
After calling home to tell the boys that I did not require their assistance any more, I made my merry way into town.
The tragedy of it all, is that I had no camera with me, so I have no proof that this actually happened.
You'll just have to trust me.
~The End~

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