June 3, 2016

Her One and Only | Book Review

When NFL tight end Gray Fowler is threatened by a stalker, his team hires a professional bodyguard to watch him. But when Gray's "protection" turns out to be a woman half his size, he's indignant. Will Dru---a former marine and expert markswoman---prove to be up to the job? And meanwhile, who's guarding Gray's heart?  Synopsis from Christian Book Distributers

I'll begin by saying that I was so excited to read the last book in the Porter family series!  It was fun to read the youngest and only girl's story.

Dru is one tough cookie! Which means she is very cool, but not relateable for me at all.  I am not tough.  Well, I guess I'm a different kind of tough.  Dru Porter reminds me, in many ways, of Natasha Romanoff from the Marvel superhero comics/movies.  She is strong, knows how to handle a bad situation, and she is not going to be intimidated or one-up-ed by the men in her life.  She is fun to read about.

I'm not in to sports.  At all.  Especially football.  But I still enjoyed Gray.  He has a sad backstory, which makes him slow to trust.  He wasn't the most interesting character, but his story line - especially wondering who his stalker could be - was.  That was what I enjoyed most about this book, the mystery, sleuthing feel of it.

I don't know that I would read this, or any of the Porter series, again.  They were more the "enjoy once" then the "read over and over" type of books.  Quite enjoyable, light reading.

: : I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. : :

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