July 13, 2015

pixie + penelope

Allow me to introduce the newest additions to our little farm, Penelope and Pixie!

Penelope in the foreground, Pixie in the back.
Aren't they cute?!  They are Nigerian Dwarf goats.  Cute, cute, cute!!  I think they're somewhere around 3-4 months old. My mother-in-law, Shirley, had quite a few kids this year, so she gave/traded me these two.  

Notice, they do not have horns.  No more devil goats with horns on this farm, no sir!

What fascinates me the most, besides their miniature adorableness, is how different these two are.  Pixie is always getting out of their pen - little escape artist - while Penelope is content to stay inside.  And since they're both a bit wild, there is no way I can catch Pixie once she's out.  But that's okay, since she also knows how to get back in. :wink:


Starting this weekend we'll be hitting the road and heading to several different Bluegrass festivals in the area.  The Panhandle Polecats have a busy July schedule!  I'm looking forward to hanging out with Hank's family and hearing some awesome music!

What do you think of my dwarf goats?
What are some of your summer plans?
I want to know!


  1. We keep Nigerians and it's always fun to see when other people get them as well! I've found that they have great personalities and can be very lovable. Amazing milk, too! I hope we'll see a lot more of these two on your blog. :)

  2. Pixie and Penelope....those are perfect names! Funny, cuz Esther named her Nubian kid this year 'Pixie' too!! I love Nigerian dwarves (though I'll always be a Nubian girl.... ;) ). They're so cute! And, I'm SO glad they are disbudded!

    Have fun down south! That'll be a blast!

    You know what Alex and I are doing this summer---settling into married life, spending time with friends and family (eg. YOU! ;) right??), and loving life!!! :)
    Love you sis!!!

  3. So good to hear from you and life in beautiful north Idaho!! Your new farm editions are really CUTE!! Enjoy the family bluegrass festival hopping this weekend. Sounds like a wonderful time!

  4. Awwwwwww!!! So. Adorable! And yay! for no horns! I assume you're raising them for goats' milk? Love the names you've chosen.
    You're getting quite a collection of farm animals up there. Have fun!

    God bless,

  5. So very cute! They look just like our little doe Dolly.

    Nothing exciting for my summer. Just gardening and getting some things moved around this place, so I will have the animals prepared for winter. That's the goal anyways.


  6. Hi,
    Have you stopped blogging? I love your posts, but haven't seen anything in quite awhile. Hoping everything is okay with you and your lovely family.

  7. @Tom - Yes, they will eventually be for milk, and also as weed eaters. ;)

    @Jenny - Thanks for commenting! I'm still blogging, but will probably only post once a month for now. Life is quite busy and I don't have time for more than that at present. Thanks for letting me know that my posts are missed:)


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