December 12, 2014


It's me!!  So, I don't really know who else it would be.  This is my blog, after all.

I've been married for 2 months now, and I still love it.  LOVE it.  What I don't love, is this sniffle/sore throat I've picked up and had since last Saturday.  So, almost a week now.  It didn't get really bad until Tuesday.  I stayed in bed all day with chills and aches.  But that's all over.  Now, I just have to deal with coughing - major "I wouldn't be surprised if I coughed my lungs up" coughing - and not being able to talk above a whisper.  Really praying about that since I'm supposed to be singing in our church's Christmas Cantata THIS Sunday.  I love to sing, and I'll be really disappointed if I don't get to.  I think the choir will be just fine without me.  They have other sopranos who can hit the really high stuff, after all.  I keep praying and giving my hoarse throat and the cantata to the Lord.  But, it's hard.

Vintage Texas-ware teacups. <3

Anyway, not really complaining...but yeah, I am.
Here's some snapshots from the past few months for you all.  Still working on picking out which wedding photos I want to share here (there are a TON). *smile*

There are doors on the cupboards, but I love looking at my dishes. ;)

I love our vintage Electrolux vaccuum - it's from the 60s!
There's a shelf over the door to the laundry room/mudroom now.
I love browsing Hank's record collection and listening.  So much fun!
My first official visitors to my new house, Kellie and Clara!
Our power went out (right as we were finishing dinner) so we spent the rest of the evening reading (ahem, at least Hank was reading;) by candlelight. :)

My "new to me" car.  I've named her Tracy.

The Bonnie dog seems to be pretty happy at her new home.  She and the cat Smudge (I'll have to get a picture of her) are getting to be friends, and she loves chasing the neighbor dogs out of the yard. *grin*
And that's all I have time for now.  I've got a kitchen full of dirty dishes.  Totally unbelievable how quickly those accumulate when you're sick.  But Hank is bringing dinner home tonight, which makes me happy.  He's so good to me.  I haven't been this cared for while I was sick since I was a little girl.  I could get used to this. *smile*

Anyone want to see a house tour vlog?
Does your power go out a lot during the winter?  What do you do when it does?  I want to know!


  1. Aw your house is so cute!! I hope you feel better soon! A house tour vlog would be wonderful :)

  2. As always, so happy to see a new post from you.

    Yes, I would like to see the house tour.

    Yes, our power does go out a lot here in the winter. A lot of the time its caused by all the big eucalyptus (widow maker's) tree's around here dropping branches. We heat the house with a wood stove so don't have to worry about heat, but when its out too long we do have to hook the fridge and freezer up to the generator. We normally just read, or play solitaire, but sometimes I can talk someone into playing a board game with me.


  3. Awwww....I love your blog update and everything with Hank, Tasha!!! Alex and I were just commenting how you and Hank look SO happy together...and I love how you're revamping the house!!
    What an awesome wifey you're making! Praying for your throat! I hope it's better in time for the Cantata! It won't be the same without you... :/
    Have you tried slippery elm with honey and chamomile??
    Hugs and prayers....

  4. Happy to hear you're enjoying married life so much! Yup, would love a house tour!

  5. I makes me smile every time I see you have posted on you blog! I love the look of your house and I am completely jealous of you. Except for the being sick part. . . A very similar thing happened to me a couple weeks ago when I had a bad cold over Thanksgiving right before my first time singing in our church! Thankfully I was still able to sing, but I had a hard time hearing anything because my ears were all stuffed up along with my nose. I really hope you feel better soon. I will be praying for you!!

  6. HI Tasha, so wonderful to hear from you again!! I have missed hearing all the adventures you have been up to. I am so glad that you are enjoying your new life and home with Hank. What a wonderful blessing and time in your life! Hopefully that bad cold is on the way out and you can sing on Sunday. If not, it is always appreciated to have someone in the audience providing happy smiles and support!

    What do we do when the heat goes out? Well, we have two working fireplaces that we use and my kitchen and grill are both gas so we can always cook. The worst situation for us is when the AIR CONDITIONER GOES OUT!! Oh my, that is the worst ever!

    Hehehe, Fruit loops for breakfast! Breakfast of Champions!!

  7. I would love to see a house tour vlog!
    You're in my prayers, hoping you'll be well enough to sing in church on Sunday!

  8. I am so happy for you! I would love to have a house tour! When my family loses power anytime during the year for a long period of time we light all our candles and play board games and read :)

  9. So happy to hear an update. :) Your house is absolutely adorable! I just wanted to drop in and say what an inspiration you are - I was thinking just the other night about relationships and etc after God was kind of convicting me about a certain someone that I was hanging around and beginning to like. I prayed and then came home and saw your post, caught up on your blog and it was so nice to see a young couple so dedicated to God and living such a beautiful, simple life together and it made me realize just how worth the wait that love is. :) Your little farm and house is beautiful and helped me kind of see the light on some things, just by this short post. :)

  10. Wow! Your house is sooooo cute, Tasha. A house tour would be awesome. When our power goes out( quite a lot), we use oil lamps and our wood stove. It looks so cozy.


  11. Hi, lassie! Hope you're feeling better--sore throats are EVIL!!! *Hug*

    Looks like you had another visitor--Jack Frost! :-D

    I'll add my vote in favor of a vlog house tour, and it looks like the Ayes have it! :-)

    QUOTE: "Does your power go out a lot during the winter? What do you do when it does? I want to know!"

    Thankfully, our power has only gone out for a noticeable time once since we moved here--in the Summer. In three-digit weather. At bedtime. Ugh....
    In the past, we've always brought out the kerosene lamps and played some games until we decided to go to bed (since our power nearly always went out in the evening for some strange reason). It wasn't so bad when we had wood stoves, but I'm thinking we'll have to get a generator for this house, being all-electric. Otherwise we'll have to bundle up to the nines, or go thaw out in front of Aunt Betty's fireplace. :-P

    Good to "hear" from you, and have a Merry Christmas!
    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  12. Hey Tasha!
    It's so fun to see new posts from my married friend! I'm really glad you were able to sing Sunday. . . that was a lot of fun! I would love to see more of your house too. =)

  13. I think our power went out more during summer? Or early autumn or what it was; there were some crazy storms. What we do depends on the time of the day... but we have two oil lamps for instances like that. It's crazy how much is dependent on electricity!

    I like your dishes! I hope you feel better now and there's less piles of dirty ones... I know how quickly they pile up. And it's so... limiting... to be ill over Christmas.
    Have a beautiful and blessed one!


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